Documentary burn center

I’m going to have to make some new callouses soon, I know. The trailer has Ramsey Lewis’s “Dark Eyes” which I have not yet cleared but “it’s temp”…right? There’s the necessity of discipline to counter the time slippage, the motivation drain, the vampires, meteorites falling on your head. You keep on pushing because this m***rf**** ain’t going to push itself.

Pajaud: Art + Work

Three hours searching for rights holders of 5 images, I found 4 and the remainder remains mysterious. Fees range from $50 per to $499. Well… there only about 200 more to go through. Clearing audio, I started with audio from UCLA’s Special Collection Library. Audio of Pajaud being interviewed, $250 per incident. Let me tell you briefly about documentary productions as I’m learning on the fly: Pain in le’keister. I knew prior to seeing this through but now I know. I know. I know. See the copious amount of ointment and gauze making me look like a mummy?

My subject died in 2015, a few weeks before his 90th birthday. He was a cool old dude. His wife has been a cool dudette. Pajaud (William Etienne Pajaud, Jr. to be specific) got to see the skeleton of this before he moved on so everything else has been polish. That spit shine glow has yield a mountain of clearances and a pile of low resolution images that I need to replace to make it street legal: meaning I can’t do any commercial shit with it. No TV, license streaming rights, home video…


As an individual, you don’t do a documentary expecting a huge payoff. Big wigs have their payoff already on deck. My wig, not big. I would like to break even on the costs and get the doc out there on the widest platforms possible to give Pajaud and his intersections the greatest exposure. I’ve substituted some of the imagery with animation and for audio I’ve been sneaking my axes out of their coffins. You know I can’t replace the distinct sound of Dinah Washington. Oh the horror! Maybe around 2011 I’d asked Pajaud if there was some music he preferred. He said definitively, “Cristo Redentor” by Donald Byrd. I use the original on the front end and his later rendition on the tail.

Eyes On The Prize and Killer of Sheep, if I’m correct, were two flicks that didn’t see a home video release for years because of music clearances. You have to decide if the music is integral to the project. I haven’t made my decision yet as I haven’t gotten to the music phase of the cost research but don’t be surprised if the soundtrack reads “Crisco Repentor” by the time I’m done with the abacus.

513kbfsfmdl-_sx344_bo1204203200_Between boring the shit doing Google and Bing image searches I’ve been reading this Clearance & Copyright book to refine my understanding of the game. 100 pages in, I’d say it’s cleanly written. I should probably skip to the parts I need but I find the ancillary information interesting and helpful. For the 1st time I’m considering the whole crowdfunding thing for the clearances. My “I ain’t working on this anymore” deadline is end of August but if you look it up on IMDB it claims that the doc was finished in 2013. Incorrect. Hell, I’ve had at least two major hard drive and logic board failures between then and 2017 which required me to re-cut the thing from scratch. It actually has made for better versions.

Anyway, I need to prep for my eyelids to take over. Crisco Repentor can wait a few more days.

Overcooked Vegan 8: Production Notes

I had to sneak a show in before the year expired. Overcooked Vegan 8: Okra StEwww. It was shot one-cam on the fly except for one halogen 650. For whatever reason it took me a while to get a rhythm on the edit. In part, I believe the child expected to do a solo episode so she came out a bit salty and took a bit to thaw (sounds vaguely cannibalistic). Cutting around the low energy got the edit down to 4 minutes. It’s been in the can since late September. I held onto it under the premise of adding the new intro and editorial elements but time dictated that I push them back until the next iteration. Ultimately, I preferred having this segment out now and working on getting the new flow grouped under volume two in 2017.

The audio was heinous (the unfortunate norm) because I couldn’t afford to test the mic gear in a timely manner. So for audio post, I enlisted Songhay System to use its copy of Sound Forge but I wound up getting a better version out of Izotope RX3.

In terms of talent, as I’ll employ some of the original ideas that I have yet to try, I’ve expanded my search to attempting to bring more people in who should have a greater network than myself. I’ve also cut loose the online sites for talent as they haven’t yielded any decent results for me over the last couple of years. I’ll probably use Backstage a couple more times then I’ll determine the ratio of public service to business of this endeavor.

In typing the URL for this morning while updating the web site I came to find out that there is now a video game called “Overcooked” that launched August 2016. I’ll delve into that deeper down the line as I’m curious as to what that might mean to this production. Now, I need to figure out how to embed video via URL in this new WordPress interface.

Testing… where’s the damn preview option?

Found the preview. Ok, keep the URL on its own line. No more going through the media URL.

It will all be over soon

That’s what “they” said. Is there a definite timer on this thing? There is a cascade effect. Good lucky, bad lucky are the opposite sides of polarity. Polarity is magnetism. Magnetism is a force.

Your probable cause

The mofo slapped the cuffs on so tight that it took extreme effort for him to remove them from my arms after his drill was ending. His trainer commented, “how did you even get them on that tight”? 77th Division, how I have not missed you. My prior comment was “loosen the cuffs or take me in”.  Probable cause: the norm = Black man.

What irritated the most out of a long list os that they waited until I was a block away from my son’s school. I would have preferred that he observed the entire thing.

Over the last two years I have been reintroduced to so many ghosts of my youth. Some genius in her 20s called me a “ni**er” and stated that I “should still be a slave”. I literally hadn’t been called that term in 30 years. As to chattle slavery, it ended in the US legally Dec. 6, 1865, the day the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. Maybe I have some memento shit going on.

What I find now is more dumbasses think they’re smart because of autocorrecshin, search engines and the general distance that technology affords. No culpability is performance enhancing drug of entitlement. Studio gangsta need no scars.

The weirdness continues. Technology. I’m a Note user. The Note7 was announced and I’m all over it. Buy it 1st week and my already crappy economy craters. Four possible gigs dissolve. I have this bill from the carrier about to hit me then what? It turns out that the Note7 is actually an incendiary grenade! Cool. Actually not. Samsung wants all of these mofos off the playground. Man, you making me go iPhone? Vommmit.

Back to my nigra-loving girlfriend and the piglets. They actually reminded me of what my immediate struggles were detaching me. I don’t keep up with current events. Those retro manuvers returned me to the understanding of how far and how little this society has grown.

This being a phone post from my unreturned grenade, I’ll have to call it now. Takes forever to type properly. I’m not a phone tapper. Maybe the iPhone Pro will be easier to type posts.

A Head of Miles


I’m turning my back on perspective

Expressionistic bio-pic. Obi-Won Kenobi 2.0 and Mouse do cocaine, point guns and under Cleveland for NYC. Blue-eye framing, Last King of Scotland is Burning in Mississippi. But does it get made without that format? It’s not a documentary. Good colors with an aural fixation on Sketches of Spain. My lawdy, Francine got some legs! Do I like the movie? I don’t know if liking it matters to me. It’s competent. Transformative? No, but it’s not Saldaña-Jolson‘s sequel to The Jazz Singer.


You want me to Jack Johnson yo’ ass again, Obi-Won?

Elvis “Detroit” Mitchell and Don Cheadle dropped data: 8.5 mill, 30 day shoot. Obi-Won 2.0 loves motorcycles. I don’t know if Lenny Kravitz liked the flick; I’m bad with walking up on cats plus I was Ti-Red.  Rare set up for me.


I haven’t had access to shiny people in a long time and its set up was different than most screenings: WGA, Writer’s Guild. No apartheid. Everyone close enough to play hot hands. Too much fatigue soimage I hopped in the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper and autopilot-ed myself to a self-induced coma.

Woke up seeing that I had built a web site and typing in fragments. Shit, somehow I cleaned up the kitchen. I was looking for evidence of malnutrition and partial discipline. I found a renewed energy to find some new energy once I renew my energy. Didn’t find it today. Starting is easy. Finishing is difficult. Modal. Modalities. Modes. Solo. Combo. Solo.

Maybe, I didn’t have to bring up Al Jolson’s revenge. But maybe Al Jolson’s first movie was enough. It’s bad enough to have to be unnecessarily comparative “Black” film


Veronica Mars, you gonna git baby-ed up f**king ’round like this!

versus “black face” film. I was talking about Miles right? Davis didn’t exist in a vacuum. Mouse said dude had mentioned that he would hate to have a dry documentary-style flick about him. So Mouse painted with colors and time. Marty said a House of Lies is the truth and
gave me little reason to disbelieve him. I honestly don’t feel like remembering the film but I know I saw it; I’m seeing colors today. That’s a good of a sign as any. Editing was quick chop chop in the beginning. Idiosyncratic and planned parallels as it settled. Modal. Done typing and ain’t proofreading at all.

Overcooked Vegan e7: Production Notes – 2015’s Aftertaste

2015 was intended to be a 6 week old memory by now but its dirty sock stench is still wafting about. Episode 7 is a symbol of will to power and serendipity AKA “I’ll take it”. 4:00 am, January 1st my production computer decided that it no longer needed its logic board. I had shelfed all other projects to finish chopping a feature that would have been done by end of day.

My Overcooked Vegan footage and assets reside on a 6 TB RAID thunderbolt port only. None of my re-purposed machines have thunderbolt nor can they push the software. My friend David at Sixor12 offered me time on his trashcan Mac and I did a quick tune and render of what was to be “episode 7”.

This segment was also a bit of happenstance. My son had changed his mind (again) about doing his comedic cooking segment. It turned out that his brother had learned to cooked something and he wanted to try it out. Upon arriving to his brother’s father’s pad, I realized I hadn’t charged the camera, didn’t bring any other gear, so by the end of the cooking I had to use my phone to finish – Hence no money shot of final dish. Plus those boys lit into that food milliseconds after the stove top cut off.

I had held out 3 months or so from uploading another episode for reasons that I’ve mentioned before now. Briefly, fatigue, improvement of audio/video, experimentation… Given the necessity of social media and the general use of targeted forms (tutorial, single personality, etc) of Youtube, I’ve had a bias against the medium and wanted to find a broadcast medium to utilize. At worst, it would be a prototype that also pushed some useful options out there for viewers.

So as I crawl towards a new computer rig I have to stay creative. Pencils and paper have made their presence even greater. My searches have led to some inlets for (American) public broadcasting and I’m in the cursory stages of figuring out commercial broadcasting and streaming mediums. I’m looking to upload 3 to 5 new segments so that I can cut down to 6 24 minute episodes. Next chance I get, I’ll pull from all footage and put together a pilot to show it closer to my vision.

In the interim, those looking to do their own shows might check out They do podcasts and are a production company that picks up projects they like to see if they can get them on air. Their forté are reality shows but they write that they are open to good ideas. Another thing I’ve learned is to search through people’s crowd funding campaigns. That provides a range of understanding of inducements and expectations.

Tired of typing all this on the phone so I’m pulling the plug on this one. I’ll have to figure out how to get phone WP drafts over to desktop WP but that’s a battle for a different soldier today.

Apple is starting to **** me off again

04:00 am, January 1st, on my final day of edit for a long term project, my production computer decided that it would not be able to face 2016 and summarily offed itself. I mean FOUR HOURS!!! into the year and the gizmo had already lost all hope. Logic board done.

Now, I’ve been up against it for a spell. It’s bad enough that 2015 was a real mofo and was grinding up people I know for dog food. That general malaise led to me not posting on this blog for awhile as I waited to see where all the pebbles would fall on the rice paper. Now, in partial vent mode, I return to the finger dancing arts with a typo-phobic rhumba that no virgin eyes should witness.

I have a stack of 6 dead Powerbooks dating as far back to the Titanium 500 mHz. The problem: Logic boards. Logic board is motherboard in Apple-speak. I’ve had at least 3 desktops bow out with terminal logicboarditis. And replacing a logic board outside of warranty is basically saying “buy a new rig, holmes” because the part itself costs so much. Know an option? Let me know. (The old PC laptop took a dump 2015 also, but that’s not a logic board issue).

It seems that maybe I work these rigs too hard but come on, 9 logic boards? But that’s what’s not getting me. I need to spec out what I can get that runs what I need. The “genius” at the Genius Bar, after taking 1.25 hours to confirm that the logic board was at issue couldn’t tell me the lowest end Mac that can push consumer level 4k. Oh how genius. The fucking site and its award-winning UI makes it a fucking nightmare to find info on the main program that I use a Mac: FINAL CUT PRO X. Ultimately, I type in the “/finalcutpro” or do a click from a search. I’m mean what fuckery is that?!

Apple couldn’t give a flying snot about what I think as they pledge increased diversity in hiring yet exclusivity in product while oversimplifying their product line and their web site. Suck it, Apple. I fucking hate all permutations of Windows but all applications that I run of my Macs run on the PCs, too. Well, not FCP nor Logic. Plus last year for the first time in over a decade, I made all but one of my external drives Mac-only. The quantity of Terabytes that I’d have to transfer to have that data production ready returns me back to my safe word: FUCK!!!! I am a little irritated today as you might have noticed.

I lost a couple of “clients” because losing the computer in such a bad timing (post December expenditures, etc.) crippled what I could immediately do, but honestly, those people wanted the works and don’t pay like they deserve my attention. I’m much better off without them. I need to get the job done and it seems again like Apple wants to make it difficult for me to do that. I should not have to sift through a bunch of BS and a million clicks just to get to the info I want, asshats. “Macs, iCrap, OSX, Apple Software, More iGadgets and shit…” That’s my free UX consultation for you sons of Jobs. The first hit’s free.


“I thought he would cuss a lot more than that. Should I be scared or something?”