Comp Card Carrying Conundrum

I finally got all of the ancient comp cards out of my cupboard so now the cupboard is bare. It was a decent comp card but I’m certain that the generalness of it was too confusing for many of the companies I was targeting as well as the ones I already had.

Front of the old comp card

I like a good screamer

It did elicit good individual response which was fine for personal, head shot, small business kind of gigs; and I did not get laughed out of meeting. I didn’t have suspicions that it was too general for who I was targeting… I knew it was. But I also knew that I had to get that card printed immediately so that I wouldn’t get caught with my pants completely down.

megafunk back of the card of comp

It's too too too… ugh

Given the hole-pocketed economics of the situation at the time, I opted for safer than the more out there stuff that I had been doing earlier in the year since I had the budget for 1 comp card style at the time. I augmented them with variable 4x6s with individual shots on them so that I could be selective in that regard.

purty wires with reflectivity, damage and grime

But every time I see the back of that comp card a little dokumon dies. I needed to get the damn thing out but come on… pouting wimmins wrapped in sexy sauce in every shot? I fell into the “old for me is old for you” thought process. And the funny thing is that all of the shots I wound up using were almost as old as what I could have used to give the card a better sense of balance.

So later this week I’m prepping the new comp card. I might break it into two cards (advertising and celebrity) based upon the results of tonight’s phone call. I’ll see if I learned my lesson.

Damn it, the carrying part of the title remained untyped: I tear up a good 25 to 33% of the comp cards I make because I don’t have something proper to carry them. Business cards have a case that’s fits in my pocket. The comp cards are drifting around in my truck getting squashed anytime I let megason loose in it or my general haphazardness. Note to self: Put a plastic file folder in the megamobile pronto.

Recent web trips

I’ve been digging Linked In and AgencyScoop recently. I found a few people I worked with back in my Ad Agency days who have helped sort my samples throughout their Account Execs with the former. AgencyScoop has been a good tool to peruse photos to get a global feel to the ad/photo world. They had a live chat with some cat talking about SEO and all that other acronymic yin yang. A Photo Editor has been a routinely informative blog about photographic business and trends. Ads of the World is a little confusing as I’m not certain how many of the ads are from comps versus actually bought off ads.

Side note: I had a hard transition site host. I’ll re-upload shots down the line since it effects the older posts.

scream, alice, scream

scream, alice, scream