funk is its own reward

How to get celebrities to shoot: Know them. Know someone that knows them. Investigate source books, PR firms, etc. because they know someone that knows them. Know that knowing nothing is strangely knowing something that is knowingly useless. Know that no, know, Noh and ……enough.

Be ready to shoot: What does this person represent? Know the magnitude of the public persona and the color of their style. If there is some lesser know characteristic that you see they have you must figure out if they want it displayed or not. Etc. It’s all basically knowing your terrain and purpose.

George Clinton influenced me and my compatriots early in life (eh megaFUNK?). I call my son “Starchild” my time to time. I’d say he and Muhammad Ali were the two most impressive individuals that in different ways helped shape my thoughts of manhood while I was rampaging through my pre-teen world.

So, I designed a shoot with Mr. Clinton that picked a piece of my interpretation of his musical history. The details of the shoot I will save for a later time as it is not the point of this typing exercise. Time and location shifts, etc. led me to altering the shoot. At 68, Mr. Clinton has probably been asked to do a gang of retro things and had his time wasted in many ways. The least I could do was provide a constant: a pretty girl never goes out of style. One thing I’ve learned in my life as a gunslinger is that anyone worth shooting once is worth the emptying the entire barrel aka I brought insurance.

funk is its own reward

funk is its own reward