One Thing I Liked About 1994

In 1994, I didn’t have to listen to anyone blather on about pyrite conversations they had with someone on The Facebook. It’s your social media; Keep it out of my ear in the real world.

SMk Small Monsters AttacK

SMk Small Monsters AttacK

300 leaves

active_08I broke my finger two weeks ago and typing a post hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind. Basketball remains an avenue for concentration – though within the recent months I can add a concussion to the injury list. My skills have diminished greatly over the last year but I still crave the physical competition so I tape the digits and use the damaged claws judiciously. Apparently time waits for no one and the old get older.

I look at the stack of paper. It’s over 300 sheets of leads that I had sent emails to in early 2013. Most of them still need follow ups. I’m attempting a new system to stay up on things such as those. Mainly, Insightly but also some Adobe Air-based product by some name I don’t recall at the moment. For some reason cold calls and email blasts aren’t as stimulating as being the oldest former mediocre player on the court. Physics are less capricious than the lies of industry.

With a minimum 300 unsupported leaves looming, adjustments have to be made again. Were it easy, everyone would…

That Murphy and His/Her Legal Dept.

lights out

lights out

A shoot scheduled with a young boxer left me with my teeth intact but my schedule blown. Arriving at the location, I see traffic cops getting out of their cars. The street lights are out. It shows how little people know traffic rules (and how incredibly inconsiderate people are) here when you see the variety of violations mount when the lights are dead. Next, it’s street sweeping day but I don’t have to hike too far and I had decided early no extra gear – Just two cameras in hand and one extra lens. At the gym, though I was told by the boxer that he had cleared the shoot, gym management verified that was not true wrong but we worked it out. However the power was not out only on the street lights, it was the entire neighborhood so I prepared for high ISO and slow shutter which means NOISE and motion BLUR.

I attempted angles to keep the other boxers out of frame or caught in a mush of bokeh. Boxing was the first sport that had caught my eye as a child but this was the first time I had shot anything boxing related. Every athlete to me is a kid now but they had several kids (early teens) to mid-20s dudes training. What struck me since my last fight was just how expensive it has gotten but I guess I’m somewhat trapped in pony express retro-thought. In those pioneer days, a couple of parks had rings and low to no-cost training. There was always an old man a couple of blocks away that would train you, so it seemed. Anyway, it was a well-equipped straight forward gym that would have needed some a little extra lighting to add more drama to the shots. But that wasn’t going to happen anyway given the tenuous standing of my shooting there and my available light decision.

box_MG_1037-web-2I left thinking I needed to be somewhere by 3 but was of course was not informed until well after leaving that things had been pushed back. This year has been consistently weird like that. Scheduling, casting, resources… It all gets a bit weird without a break or a bit of effort to divert the ill momentum. That’s the horror and the reality of being a creative professional. In this case, it was the lone effort to fight Murphy’s law and come out with useable images. I won on points.