Sorry for the bollocks

I wanted to sneak this post in before January’s end. I thought I had already posted twice so I’ll cheat this one by posting now then editing tomorrow. I had Sex Pistols kind of flow going last night. The end and beginning of the year tends to be nasty. Zero momentum of December was mirrored by January. Knowing that I was going into forced hibernation I started changing my website and prepping new promo materials. The website should be good to go by Monday. What has struck me as interesting is when I have too much time to be critical, I wind up hating everything I’ve done. I’m certain some of my output has been a bit loathsome…but everything? Unlikely.

I got my name -not numbers- on my credit card

I got my name -not numbers- on my credit card

The pushing of video into gigs is fine with me as I started out with the moving image well before getting into photography to better my sense of composition. However, what I’m not finding is increased budgets. It’s more trying to shoehorn into sizes that are already too small. Certainly, that’s caliber of options which leads to the double-edged sword of increased production value. Better gear to get better results to get better clients. Conundrums and problems to solve. Gawd save the dairy queen.

T.O. vs Philly

This commercial for Carl’s Jr makes me laugh.

The kid slapping the sandwich out of his hand is gold. The contrast of the bitter cold to the sun, pool,& babes implies the choice of sandwich and purchase location as no-brainers. Back to my regularly scheduled program.