T.O. vs Philly

This commercial for Carl’s Jr makes me laugh.

The kid slapping the sandwich out of his hand is gold. The contrast of the bitter cold to the sun, pool,& babes implies the choice of sandwich and purchase location as no-brainers. Back to my regularly scheduled program.

Uncle Rapper

Moses – Love Addiction

I’m just getting around to posting this video. Moses is a smart young cat who was very cool. I’ve had supply of clients who have taken advantage of their personal history with me who have been royal pains. Moses was laid back but also provided copious notes when he had an opinion or questions. This is the polar opposite of the text messaging, contradictory blathering that I’ve gotten from most people who are close to me (e.g. family, “friends”).

Clients need the appropriate communication that let them know where things stand so they can feel comfortable with their decision to trust you as the professional you are. You need them to tell you what they need in the best language possible. I did a series of logos this Summer. After a billion meetings with my friend/client I presented 10 choices based on the gaggle of verbiage exchanged. The short version of this story is that the end product did not reflect anything close to the original order nor did I receive much cogent directive as to how to proceed. It was nearly flying blind. The job got done but I honestly have no interest in going through any similar scenario like that again.

I’ll take more information over less anytime when it comes to work.

So… Moses’s “Love Addiction” was slated to be a narrative music video but for the sake of simplicity we switched to performance style. Maybe I’ll use the treatment for something else, but I doubt it as it was specific to this song. We shot 1 hour total footage over two separate days from Compton to Chinatown. It was run & gun HDV and the quick and dirty vfx posted over 4 days or so. I’m possibly not including prepping the files eg. capture, pull downs, transcoding, etc. (I’m estimating. Computer hell made things nearly impossible to accurately log time). The post processed more than convinced me to upgrade to solid state and retire tape. Anyway, there it is. My son likes the song and was asking me why I was playing the song so many times. “This is how you edit a video, little monster.”