Dino Cop & Other Law Enforcement

My god son used to go a filmmaking program at UCLA as a preteen through his early teens. The first movie I saw of his was an animated non sequitur of clay titled “Dino Cop”. The highlight of which was an earthquake on the set that split the city streets revealing what everyone suspects: Lava flows immediately once you penetrate the asphalt and the thin layer of the Earth’s crust. As I think about it, my first or second clay animation was an abhorrent monster movie with stylized giant monsters. My son’s first solo animation was the visionary exercise “Clash of Monsters”. Monster blood is deep.

Kid brains don’t think the same as adult ones. With ignorance of story structure they can deliver some bat-shit crazy creations. While listening to the Major Spoilers Podcast, I heard Matthew reviewing Axe Cop. I had never read the comic nor seen the show so it sparked my interest that he said that the comic originated from two brothers. The older brother (mid-20s at the time) would listen to stories from his 5 year old brother and made a graphic novel out of it. As you would expect, it’s sheer madness. Numerous decapitations, dinosaur with machine gun hands, villains that shoot fruit from their body, etc. represent Axe Cop’s world of disorder. That’s the platinum fruit of the barbarian (as all little boys should be). Once civilized (hopefully), the adulterated stories need a “love interest”, targeting, branding, pretension, cliché and acknowledgement. The conflict is to evolve the thought and focus the wild streaks. A kid makes stories to have fun and nothing should get in the way of it.

“And my father told my mother, ‘Let that boy boogie woogie. It’s in him an’ it gots ta come out.’ And I felt so good, I just boogied all the same.” – John Lee Hooker, Boogie Chillen

As it is, I’ve only seen this Axe Cop: The Beginning youtube-thing.  It has unicorn babies, family time-travel homicide, giant robots, etc. It might not be the greatest flight of nuttiness that I’ve seen but I’m glad that it’s primarily from the mind of a child. A lot of the modern cartoons that I’ve seen clips of seem to originate from weed heads scratching themselves between wars of flatulence. Re-inspired, my new animation should hit production in the next few units of time. My goal will be to let the wild notions go loose. But if that doesn’t work, I’ll just lift ideas from my son and he can sue me in civil court after gaining his emancipation. Oh yeah, he’s been in production on his new animation over several months. The completion date is hard to determine, though. Adios.

Side note: For those who haven’t yet seen the glory:

Technology doesn’t age well

My knees haven’t either. I kind of suckered myself to upgrade the main machine to Mavericks and to no fault of the software, the nightmares commenced.

Why can't figure out don't mess with $Hi+?!?!?

Why can’t you figure out don’t mess with $Hi+?!?!?

It’s been a stabile OS but some of the little things are driving me up a wall. Multiple AVCHD files got compiled into one generic QuickTime looking file with the plebeian moniker “AVCHD. It crossed my mind to right click it to “Show Package Contents” and there were all the little nasties that I had expected. Apple has yet to care that I cannot stand them forcing their sense of file management/order onto my heretic views. Dragging the SD card onto the paperwork machine (running Lion), every process was what I was use to seeing.

This was probably the first time that a system upgrade burned me but deadlines and a long neighborhood power outage forced me into it as my patience wouldn’t allow me to make my deadlines. So I made those immediate deadlines with great struggle but now the new deadlines are suffering. It’s nothing that a proper maintenance day won’t cure but I should have a figured out a way not to get into the position in the first place. Until this time, I always throughly checked software compatibility and nuances like that AVC wrapper thing. Circumstances, man, circumstances…

By the way, experts: It’s OS Roman numeral TEN not ECKS. Bugs the hell out of me. Final Cut TEN not ECKS, mofos.

Going through storage, I hoisted out a Beta SP deck, a U-Matic deck, a Laserdisc player, and a VHS player for some necessary video transfers. Man, those tapes are ill. Tracking is jacked and changes through the tapes. I found a clean copy of the item on LaserDisc online (shiver me timbers, matey), and I’m still scrubbing these damn tapes.

Old tech was new tech and all tech is a pain in the posterior.

Busy vs Execution

My high school education cost more than the University. I had a full scholarship and had to export myself from “South Central” Los Angeles to North Hollywood via public transportation for nearly 3 years until a dented Toyota Celica powered by sleepy gerbils was gifted to me. Bus stop at 5:30 am and back at 7:30-8:30 pm during basketball season. With that, I had to learn to do homework in motion.

Hands on hips mean trouble

Hands on hips mean trouble

Forward 25+ years, sitting by the computer by 5:30 cutting, chopping, researching, pontificating, acclimating. Come 7:30-8:30 pm, where’s the payoff? In a freelance, entrepreneur, self employed world, busy work is absolutely ineffective. Small talk, energy drains, distractions, lists, lists, lists that don’t turn to gold can be a signal of self-sabotage. Many people are afraid to fail and they do a bunch of scattered shit blaming the gods and Colonel Sanders’ cannibal tailor to camouflage their fear. That’s one possible face of “busy”.

You set a goal. You execute. If you can’t execute that goal, set a more realistic goal. If you want to make movies but haven’t been able to block the time to shoot a feature AND you don’t want to do shorts, break your scenes down to where you can attack it serially. Or maybe do it in a different medium first. It shouldn’t take years to realize you’re screwing around. However, some goals take multiple years to achieve and offer shortcuts. I’m watching a live seminar on Creative Live right now of Beate Chelette talking about building business while I’m typing this. School had homework with getting your diploma so you could get the hell out of high school as a time and merit-based goal. Whatever your interest (purpose, goal) in ROI (return on investment) regimentation towards the accomplishment of them are important. Being “busy” is an occurrence but it is not definitely a targeted action. Busy doesn’t inherently pay the bills nor move you closer to your endeavor. The “busy” has to viably build towards the end goal. Only with that busyness become execution.

Anyway, whatever, what the hell do I know?

Digital Jets

Bennnay!! Bennnnay!!! Jet Magazine is going paperless. I’ve never done any work for them but I have “known” a couple of their beauties of the week (collar pop goes here with matching Barry White song and fishbowl heeled boots). I hadn’t seen the magazine in awhile but that doesn’t reduce its historical significance nor its present one. According to the press release, all subscribers are being funneled to Ebony Magazine so that Jet can better its agility in deference to its original purpose of timeliness.

The physical versus digital magazine is still a hard decision. Being current demands embracing technology. If the message is timeless, then relying on a schooner crossing the Atlantic is a perfectly acceptable medium to convey it. So for myself, tech, entertainment, etc. are 100% data plan dependent. Nat Geo, fiction and the like are hard copies. I find it difficult to stay on target reading electronic verbiage. Of the magazine technologies available I think Flipboard is the only digital style that I like. However, because of its structure and content type, I’m not certain how many pages I can read as compared to a tactile copy.

It’s strange with Jet. It was one of my inspirations to launch a magazine back in the early 90s. One of the reasons that my magazine went on hiatus was because of the length of turnaround time and here Jet is beating me to the punch (as they should given the length of “hiatus”). The flip side is that, given my age and era when I was coming up, Jet felt conservative and complacent. Though I’ve retained the moniker from the beatbox era, maybe I’m conservative and complacent. It’s hard to say when you’re examining a tree.