Postal 1.2

Promo clusterf**k explained for interested parties while meandering in mazy motion commences next sentence. The day after I wrote that podcast list on the blog, iTunes decided it was time to dump about 8 years of archived podcasts from the main hard drive. Whereas it took a bit of initiative to do that, I did not ask Apple to send me HAL motherfucking 9000 to make decisions for me. Just compute, chippy. Now all this occurred after my mailing list database and back up files were partially corrupted leaving me with 2 days of re-integrating data so I could mail these cards that were already 2 months behind schedule. That caused the fatigue that allowed me to listen to Gladys’s (whatever her name is. Pestilence of locust on her houses!) 33 cents short of a penny advice.


Is it really punk when you punk yourself?

Now, I screwed up — which is a trend that I’ve foresworn to abolish. But this tale of WOE might be of value to someone else. To magnify my flawed postage I had willfully designed a postcard which is not only barely legible but also illegal by postal code. Notice the microscopic return address in the lower-left middle. Not one of my return to senders made it back to daddy. If the seller of such postage would be to lazy to sell the appropriate kind why would anyone expect a clerk in the back scour this entire mess of a card to find the lice-sized return address? That would be asking too much.

I designed these bastards with the possibility of a couple finding themselves in the round file cabinet because of circumstance. Getting them all dumped is a bit of a blow. Maybe it’s karmic return for stealing the brush strokes instead of scratching them myself in my arm with a rusty guitar pick.

So of course since I have to reprint, I design a new card with fresh new illegalities. I moved the return address closer to the top

The brand new villain

The brand new villain

and bumped it up a point. I finally remembered to put the QR code on but it’s sitting illegally (which hasn’t bitten my ass in the past). The edge of the email address is the legal line but since I have text and graphics to the right, I don’t suppose the code will make too much fuss. I moved the illegal Go Get Funky @ over a bit so the stamp could fit without obscuring the OM of the dot com. I haven’t had them printed yet so maybe I’ll capitulate and move the QR code. I had been printing them on the labels. Vee shall ceee.

I guess the other issue is that some of the postcards did go out with proper postage and I’d rather not double up lest someone feel I’m doubling the SPAM. However, when it comes down to it, who cares? You dig the shot, you have it twice. If you don’t, you’ve tossed it twice.

Next, I gear up for new shoots next week. Any new promo has to have an image produced this year. The portfolio can’t have too much dust on it and be viable. I should probably shake the dust off of myself also while I’m at it.

Going Postal on the Post Office

Not everyone knows their job. Especially, if they’re some government worker that can only be relieved of their gig because of death by volcanic eruption. I knew better but I let this incompetent statuette convince me that I had been using too much postage on my postcards for a year. She sells me 33 cent stamps.

Actually, it’s 34 cents for postcards. Insufficient postage. My design makes it difficult to read the return address. I’m curious how many of these dead cards walking are going to make their way back home. Marketing screeching to a halt because of the chain reaction. Fun times, baby bubba.

Go get FunKy!

Go get FunKy!

Photo / Post Pro / Creative Podcasts

Podcasts are my media of choice. I’ve threaten to start one but I haven’t found a niche that isn’t fairly well covered. Below is a list of ones mostly in the creative field that I frequent. If you know any that strike a chord, let me know. (The links are to the feeds).

Creative Grit
This cat has interviewed quite a few quality people. It’s direct to the point minus the film clip bookends. I’m still playing catch up but I dug the Joel Grimes interview.

Digital Production Buzz
Larry Jordan took over this podcast from Phillip Hodgetts (sorry, I’m not going to check the spelling) and the format remains similar as well as the indomitable wingman Michael “Headcutter” Horton. Admittedly, I haven’t listened in about a year. Part of that is that each episode can be too much of a grab bag. Mainly though, I tend to get derailed whenever they do a stretch of live shows documenting NAB or the like. Too much data for the amount of time I have. At some point, I toss the un-listened and start with the fresh.

Film Riot
A bunch of filmmaking tutorials from cats who decided to document their learning process. My viewing has gone spotty given my schedule and that I prefer audio podcasts. However, this one has to be video given its nature. It’s goofy on purpose.

The Full Time Photographer
Dude’s excitable and eager. I’m only a few in but I’m chugging away since I like to listen to new releases without being burdened by unfamiliarity with the archive. There are quite a few cats being interviewed (1 per thus far) and they have been high calibre. I’ve learned about several new creatives and their individual paths.

As I’ve listened from the beginning, it’s been interesting to hear the sophistication of this show develop. It’s an audio Siskel & Ebert without Siskel & Ebert. It’s cool enough but my attention started waning a few years ago. However, it’s the best variety of films reviewed compared to the other podcast that I listen to or of which I’m aware.

History of Photography
Long and detailed recordings of the class at some college. Everything that’s spoken about can ordinarily be found via a simple search so it makes easier to follow if that’s your interest. It’s very long so it’s helpful if you have insomnia or desire background noise.

KCRW: The Business
Popular entertainment business news. Interviews from both sides of the line.

KCRW: The Treatment
Elvis Mitchell’s series where he yaps to a variety of entertainment and entertainment news individuals.

Meet the Filmmaker
Live recorded panels from a variety of Apple Stores. Sometimes it’s actors, directors, editors. They come out in spurts so they can stack up. I wind up deleting quite a few given the quantity.

The Post Podcast
Not double-checking but I think this is attached to the Toolfarm. It’s a solo show with a guest interviewee. It’s a bit dry and biased while simultaneously unbiased. I probably have 3 episodes remaining before I’m caught up.

The Cutting Room

“All about film editing”

American Cinematography

Title says it all though I don’t think all of the cinematographers are “American”.

The Q&A
Focus is towards writers. Some good stories.

That Post Show
I think the main dude used to be on the defunct “This Week in Media”. It’s a hell of a lot of rambling but if you’ve lived a post-production life, it’s validation. It’s also interesting to see how this dudes projects and company morph as well as the guests.

This Week in Photo

I include this one because the format is consistent. It caters to hobbyists, workshoppers and event cats but the participants in the discussions are affable.

Agency Access “The Lab”, Burns Auto Parts, Spotcast are defunct but the information remains relevant.

Go get FunKy!

Go get FunKy!