Olympic Animation

It doesn’t look like I’ll make it to the London Olympics this year. My spreading arthritis and lack of skill leave me ineligible for the steeplechase yet again. Le sigh. However, none of those present afflictions disallow me from viewing the BBC’s opening sequence. Animated by hand then converted to CG, this is something that I’d like to see more of in narrative. As it is, I like the music choice also. It’s almost compelled me to finish my animation from the U.I Series.

Click for article and video.

Click for article and video.

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Speed Whine X

People don’t like change. That’s why the zombie apocalypse started years ago. Life is change. Zombies don’t change; they deteriorate. Maybe I shouldn’t use such lofty clichés when describing software but most whining I’ve heard about Apple’s update of Final Cut Pro X have come from people who don’t even get the most out of its predecessor.

I had a project that I needed to get out of the door FAST. I had never launched FCP X before but I figured that it had to handle the cornucopia of fruity formats much better than the graceless FCP 7. Correct. SD 29.97, HDV 60i, DV 16×9, stills audio, ProRes 8 all got dumped in from a USB2 drive and were instantly editable. I did have to pause at the interface. Instantaneously I hated the iMovie look. However, I could actually see the text without using an electron microscope which necessary for all prior versions of FCP (I started at v 1.0.2). Many of the basic hot keys were the same but I could figure out where slide/slip was. It didn’t matter. I just had to chop and position.

Now I’m certain that several things aren’t right with FCPX but outright dismissing it as a toy is crotchety whiney b.s. The app edits fast, renders fast, background renders fast and got the job done on a 20 minute EPK. The same job on FCP 7 wouldn’t have made the deadline. In my years, I’ve yet to use Flint, Flame, nor any of that other bizillion dollar Quantel shit. But that’s like saying I can’t drive because I don’t have a Formula One rig. Well, Formula One doesn’t do shit for me in a post-apocalyptic street race with pot holes and cannibal snipers at every corner.

Update 7/31:

I’ve since edited a 2 hour 45 minute project and a few other long form things. I can see why someone whose main gig is invested in their rig being specific and familiar. I’m still learning the program by fire so I’m still missing elements that I knew instantaneously in FCP 6 and 7. However, I don’t think I have ever cut anything as quickly before with any other editing app. It’s not only the faster hardware (as I would like to max out the RAM before sending it to its rightful owner). It’s just easy as hell to drop footage in and move. Now, I going back to finishing the first real cut of this documentary that has been kicking my ass for years now. 9 hours of footage getting chopped down to an hour. Fun times.