Blown away

Sometimes I require a reminder why I do this <stuff>. My first recollection of commercial photography that attracted my eye was the old Maxell “blown away” ad. That was not uncommon. Simple idea executed precisely: I’m still working on that concision.

maxell ad campaign

Steve Steigman’s photo for Maxell’s “Blown Away”

This shot is like the blues or an old folk song. It’s spartan and to the point without missing the beat. The UK variant of this shot seems a bit more whimsical/cheeky but I like the shadows and the geometry.

UK Version

I’m digging the VitaminWater series with the guitar player, athlete, and the dancers, etc. The angle, the interplay with the color strip adds a sense of dimension and kinetic energy. The black & white contrasts with the mono tonal color to help with a clean graphic burst.

Vitaminwater (no I didn’t shoot any of these ads. BAH!)

Absolut and Camel ads in the late 80s/early 90s were frequently thematic and very ornate. Those images really motivated me (though not enough to keep diving through this futile search engine safari right now). I would go to Hollywood in front of Gazzarri’s and make certain that I picked up a copy of BAM magazine to get those ads. I think Camel had bought the inside cover and Absolut had the outside back. Camel had a pulp thing going on for awhile that drove me up a wall in a good way (I can’t find any on-line at the moment). Adventure, sci-fi, etc. I was doing film more so back then so integrating some of that feel into my cinematography was accidental but I came to see it later on reflected into my photography.

I don’t recall when this one came out, but it is lighting me up all over again.

In terms of recent things, there are many and I need to push on with the day. Metro L.A. had a campaign a few years back with a carload of Elvis impersonators that would make me laugh. I had it on a point and shoot that walked away from me and thus far I haven’t been able to track it down. The luchadore shot was humorous.

mucha Lucha libre is always a good time

The Subway ad with the Avocardo and “Have I introduced you to my first born son, Avocado?” is killing me but my favorite now is still Playstation’s “Greatness”. When I first saw it, I hated it instantaneously. I don’t even recall why. I believe I was half paying attention. When I finally looked up on one of its runs, I was on it. I’m done typing for the day. It’s time to push some pixels. I will link to the ad though.

If that doesn’t work, the search terms “Playstation commercial greatness” will get you there.

Go! Go! Go!

Keep going!

Marina Del Rey

Galaxy Marina Del Rey

Paddle boarding was something that had escaped my notice. Now I’m aware. I’ve been threatening to learn to surf for years but not being a fan of fish peeing on me, I tend to avoid immersion into the ocean. Back to the hustle now.