Cartoon Feet

I was raised by panthers but I'm down to rock Puma.

I was raised by panthers but I’m down to rock Puma.

My feet were hurting. I’d been wearing the same old dogs for quite a long time and not only did they look like I had just gotten off a train with a knapsack slug over my shoulder but the new insoles couldn’t save my arches from hurting. I had seen these shoes sitting at a discount store collecting dust for over a year. For an additional 6 months I went by monthly expecting them to be gone as they had been the only remaining pair for several months. I would talk to the clerk (a new one every time) and point out the dust on the shoes and that they should discount it even further. “No” each time. I relented and bought the damn things but didn’t wear them for several months.

Puma tend to fit well on my feet. They run narrow despite length of my boats. Snug as they are, they take a lot of finger strength to get them on foot. The day I decide to wear them is the same day I decide to retrieve my Ibanez so I can get my chops back. With shoes in the box and guitar in the truck, I break my index finger. The shoes sit for more time because they are a pain is the ass to pull and tie. Anyway, they’ve made a couple of appearances as my finger has gotten stronger and stood under the lens before their debut on the streets of Los Angeles. The final retouched shot will be part of a shoe spread I’m working. The end.

Banshee of interest

Were I a TV show, I’d want to be Banshee when I grew up. It’s basically one hour of repeatedly slamming your expectations with the kitchen sink. This show’s equivalent parallel in cinema would be Pulp Fiction. The atmosphere encompasses noir, caper, action, Amish, ethereal, incest, cops, robbers, anti-hero, nasty turned to 11 over 13 episodes. I did not see a movie last year that interested me more than any episode of this season’s Banshee.



Initially, I wasn’t interested in watching the pilot but procrastination got the best of me and by mid-season I was looking for travel plans so I could go anywhere that show wanted me to go. Season one seemed like the writers were having a blast blowing minds and building challenges off of the various archetypes. Season 2, the reigns were removed on visual side and things have been a hell of a ride on all fronts. Malick-style (Truth About Unicorns) to Season 3 multiple styles ending with an actioncam, security footage, night vision (You Can’t Hide From The Dead), Banshee is everything that I would want to do on a serialized show.
It’s structure allows for a variety of visual styles and story themes. Next episode seems like it might be a bit of a road show. Typing this on this phone is forcing me to wrap this up. I was going compare it to how Person of Interest is somewhat within a similar spirit but finds its way within the confines of the CBS spectrum. Anyway, my Friday is so much better with #Banshee on the scene.


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