I’m fully a Speedotron shooter now having replaced the widowmakers (Balcar). Now, I was considering a cheap move and about a year and a half ago I bought some used Travelite’s from Samy’s Camera. I got the gear to the studio and figured I’d pop it out on a small portrait gig. 30 minutes into the shoot, the bastards started rhythmically firing on their own. When I return the mofo, a different sales cat was like… “Was the reason that you’re returning them because of their demonic posession?”

Well, stinking well. The cat who sold it obviously knew the damn thing was Damien’s tool. Last week, I go there and ask about a 2400 watts Speedo pack. Dude says “$650”. Go fish, mofo. I go back the next day and a different sales cat says, “$400”. Well, alright.

Fast forward 2 days. Samy’s is having their annual parking lot/warehouse clearance and I grab some Speedo gear and dude gives me a good price. It’s a better than ebay price by a bit but not the “up to 90% off” that the flyer declared. Loading the crap in the truck a customers walks by me with nearly the same set up and asks me what I paid. “$X including the stand”, I proclaim. Dude’s like, “Man, I paid $X/2”. F. U. C. K. Angry man here.

So dude agrees to go in there with me armed with our receipts. Let’s call the sales rep Frankenstein. Frankenstein is blowing all kinds of smoke: different conditions, etc. I call zee Bullsheeet on that one. Main difference, I believe is Frankenstein sees me as someone who doesn’t haggle. I don’t like the price; I walk. I’m ok with the price; I buy. The other cat is haggling for me and he wasn’t even the one who got burned. He haggled so well that I wound up giving him an extra 102 strobe for his troubles.

I don’t blame Frankenstein for trying to bump up his commission but I’m going to have to remember Frankenstein next time in the store because he obviously remembers me. I’m going to have on my haggle hat and see what I’ve learned through my years of Frankenstein getting the better of our battles.

*Name altered to protect the skullduggery

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promo fever

The large book (15×11 about) from mypublisher came in and is much higher quality than the ~5.5×7.5s. I got a winkflash 12×12 with its Summer sale and the bulk of the pages look like an old school ink jet. So be it.

The unintended cool thing was that I stopped by the APA meeting and dropped the MyPub book on my photographer homegirl Naoe (naoepix.com) then walked away. When I had come back, the book had been viewed by a few people. Fernando, who I met because of this, pulled me over to the side and gave me some constructive criticism which I appreciate. I liked the metaphor: The first half of the book, you’re tearing down the rims and shaking the building. By the end you seemed to have tired out and are blowing lay ups.

The book itself was a test to see how it would turn out. But honestly to myself, I’m not printing another book until I have a set of new pictures that I’m arguably a distance away from shooting. Really, I should have organized the book with that in mind. It’s not that I feel the shots lost as much steam as much as some didn’t belong because of stylistic shifts. I guess my point is, if you do something that might see its way into a viewing public do it right so there’s no need for explanation. Overall, I’m cool with the book but I’m eager to get some new things going so I can try some additional book printers.

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