Fresh Pal

Weird year thus far. I’ve sunken back into boxing but that’s another story. Invoicing is what I’m babbling about now. I use a combination of Freshbooks and 2 customized invoicing methods. For the first time I allowed the “pay by PayPal” tick. Never-a-gain.

My fault though, the client said they wanted to pay by bank transfer so I provided that info, AND paypal, check, etc. Of course, instead of choosing their proclaimed method, PayPal got the opportunity to dip in the transaction in addition to their regular cut. So, it’s + ~$20 but it’s twenty that I worked for and could use right NOW as I type. Regular Paypal transfer would have meant only ~$3 bucks got clipped.

Now I know.Image

You don’t deserve this city

Bolstering my documentary last week, I interviewed portrait/sculptor Artis Lane. She is a very conscientious lady who graced me with 2.5 hours of her time. Given her arrival here from Detroit in the mid/late 50s, she’s seen so many things change and remain the same. I’m getting a better feel for the city in addition to the people.


Los Angeles still holds all lot of the promise that drew these octogenarians here. The West is still what you can make of it. I saw a dude with what might have been his daugter on bikes being pulled by a team of half huskies in the middle of the hood. I just had time for one frame with them well down the street on expired velvia from my camera extracted from the repair shop (terribly written but this is on the fly from the phone). We shall see if eveything is in working order. By the time I had secured my son in the car seat I had to catch the wannabe eskimo near the mall. I gestured that I wanted to take a picture. He declined. I told my son that’s why I was a terrible papparazzi (temp gig while he was an infant). I could have just taken the damn shot but I hate bugging people’s personal time. All I could think for the next five minutes became the title of this post.