And in those dusters were 4 men…

Paraphrasing from Once Upon A Time in the West, I once saw some dusters like that. In those dusters were four men. In those four men were four bullets.

It’s been a knock down-drag out stretch. Sometimes that hyped mannish bravado has to be channeled. When the Earth’s plates start dancing, landscape changes, the people the jobs, etc. you adapt or you submit. That whole Harmonica quip (man of few words bad ass from the aforementioned movie) is an enzyme for keeping going with your game face.

As it is now, some creative professionals are beginning to the learn that convergence of technology and economics is a bit of a monster. So many “pros” are walking around with “prosumer” gear gatling gunning and the tech holds up. This furthers the divide and dissipates the middle ground. So in a service craft field such as photography one must shake their peacock even more so than in years past. Really. I’ve seen more people opt to do their own thing to save that front-end money because quality is good enough. That’s why you have people thinking their doing you a favor by offering schillings for photos and a happy ending.

Promotion-wise, some advise social media, workshops, polishing your ass in variety of ways so you can be discovered like an ingenue fresh off the greyhound $51 dollars short of getting pimped. I mean, the general advice is so fucking passive and snake-oiled.

We are in a field where so many would have you entertain as well as take the picture. Your choice becomes tuning yourself in a particular niche or doing the equivalent as an independent musician. Rather than slanging cds out of the trunk, you’re promising an effective service. Maybe ho is more apt.

Product, service, ideas: what do you want to sell? With a garter belt around your thigh or with a six shooter draped around your waist. It’s all a bit of an act but the projection is your choice.
Gunslingers, don’t whine about anything. Target the fuckers in the dusters and let them have it. You have to be willing to shoot and die. I was talking to a friend of mine about a new series of offensive content I plan on shooting which led me to this:

Be offensive because being nice isn’t going to get me anything more than what it already has.

For years I had a demo reel that featured a few different songs. One was a clip of X’s “Los Angeles”. Upon integrating it into my reel, I excised the word “shit”. A couple of years later I was at a client and my reel was played. I distinctly “…all the niggers and jewssss.” I laughed and told the cat I hadn’t really listened to the lyrics in years. He said that one of the reasons they initially hired me because they thought I was so “edgy”.

I’ve lost jobs and money not being gut bucket. The ones that got away were never going to be mine anyway.