juggling nothing

Looking at my calendar I’m seeing minimal self-produced shoots scheduled. I’m supposed to be nailing 6 new series for my book, 3 new spots for my commercial reel, 2 assembly edits for documentaries, 1 day re-shoot on a narrative. There isn’t a true deadline for anything. It can be hard to be your own client.

And it’s hard to be your own sales person. The 3 largest opportunities upcoming were procured by a friend. I don’t have enough friends like that. This technological communicative barrier is even more daunting for me than the old corporate music structure in which I had to deal. Used to be call for creative list, call, mail, fax. Eventually get a human. It took me 2.5 years to reach someone with power at Atlantic Records and part of that came from meeting that person at a music convention. Now it’s subscribe to a listing, e-blasts, direct to voicemail. Hell, what am I complaining about? On rare instance of human response you have to be prepared with a silver-honeyed tongue. *Flick*

The obvious thing, so it would seem, is that movement brings more movement. I recently decided to restart my fight series and I’ve had a flood of actors hitting me up to do it. They’re not working and are looking for any kind of outlet, experiences, possibilities. Me too.

burning gas

I’ve been dumping gas on the streets now. Running over here to interview this person. Hustling to a catch a prospective client before they leave their office. Racing to the zoo so the little boy can put on a condor suit.

Mid-week I kept driving from the gym, passed the ponderosa and landed at Smashbox to hear/see Melvin Sokolsky chatter about his perspective. He displayed 5 decades or so of cool ass work. There was a lot of practical illusion and surrealist fabrication. His basic jones seemed to be chicks dangling in some unusual manner and location. I can dig it.

The info itself wasn’t all that revelatory. I know with a budget you can do some cool shit. Don’t let someone tell fetter your imagination? Yeah. I believe the most interesting element was the feel of interest. You could tell cat really was still embroiled in the intrigue of light and telling stories with it. Outside of technique, you’re showing your state of being at the moment of fabrication. When it all comes down to it, the money gets spent and memory remains. Might as well have some fun while you have it.