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My rough cut of my long suffering documentary was finally finished and submitted to a film festival 8 minutes before the deadline. Ordinarily I would suggest not sending in a rough cut but this project has been on my back for 12 -14 years (I forget). I still have a few more things to push around before I get to CC, audio, and the rest of post to final but if it doesn’t feel like Kong and Mighty Joe Young hasn’t been dropped off my back then I don’t know what it is.

With that, I’m feeling a bit Terminator-ish. I previously had to wear collective lenses for driving but on my recent foray to the DMV I manage to hoodwink my eye sight and actually see enough of the chart to get that restriction lifted off of me. Rise up!

Productions are ramping up. News at 11:52.

FCPX v2: The Flip Side

Media management. Since the days of the 2-pop forum and the formation of the former LAFCPUG people have complained about FCP’s media management. Man, I hate the further Apple-i-zation of this thing. The old media manager wasn’t the greatest show on Earth but this Share garbage is just that. As of 10.0.3, this ingests your media like iPhoto, an app I loathe and refuse to use. Little stinking files all over your internal hard drive combined with sloppy exports is getting me to look at other apps or add other ones. I mean SCRATCH drives, man!

Why the hell is everything internal? I needed to duplicate the entire media and edits and the best solution I could quickly find was to drag the source video (fortunately imported from a master folder on an external drive) and export out an EDL. That means re-rendering is due for the receiver. Honestly, I haven’t read the full manual and I haven’t upgraded to 10.0.6 because I’m mid-edit on a feature so my time to sift through has been limited. However, if the functionality is there it should be much more obvious.

Nesting comps is a sloppy endeavor. And the output from an HD source exported out to DVD looks nasty. Macro-blocked to all hell. It is possible that there is a process. The type of work exported to web has looked fine but the few samples to DVD I’ve seen thus far have been terrible. I’ll have to investigate in the near future. Too bad there isn’t a ubiquitous standard physical delivery method that can hold the full footage without needing to scale. BluRay is not it and with the cloudy push, there probably will not be.

scream, alice, scream

In FCP, no one can hear you scream!