Learning new things is supposed to be great. I’ve been screwing around installing and modifying a wordpress template and I am convinced that I could have gone all my life without learning this s#!t. Of course, once I get it I’m going to ask myself what took me so long but until then…. BAAAAAAAAH!

…And I feel some modicum of shame that I want to see “Another Day to Die Hard”. I have a couple of weeks to purge the unsavory desire.

Dig yourself out of the hole - Not deeper

Dig yourself out of the hole – Not deeper


Opulence is not my forté. I like opera but my core is blues. You have twine and a stick and the will to make some noise. There’s your zither. Sometimes you just need to go to the shop and get a new guitar. Whatever your circumstance is, you cannot stop. I’ve been on pause for about a month letting my flamethrower refuel. There’s a slog to the step and a disinterest in the noise. But there is still a memory of the blue note: the elevated frequency. The battles can distract you from it and weigh down its importance in your immediate cause. But to remember it is to return to the pain of its pursuit. Re-establishing connection with it can be all consuming or frustrating to the point of abandon. What you do for money is your job. What you do for you is your life. …Back to the gunfight with a rusty knife I go.

too much impromptu

funk of mega made the best out of the mix “tape” provided.