Preparation and production, that’s what little professionals are made of…

5 = 2009’s Number of associates, acquaintances who I had previously done business with who have completely shafted me on payment. All happened in the first part of the year. Oh you fool, repeat after me: “50% up front nonrefundable deposit”. You can give exceptions to associates, acquaintances who you’ve previously, etc. but the number 5 has me thinking about hardcore stance on the deposit. Now it’s going to wind up being 5 court dates instead of get back to me when you have your deposit. Leverage gone. You can’t always tell when someone’s going to go full on skank with their business so I guess you have to value your piece of mind better than I have.

I forget = Number of associates, acquaintances who made partial payments. One character paid most of/but not full the balance. She referred another client to me (who paid in full) and I guess considered her balance paid as part of an unspoken finder’s fee. Who knows. It wasn’t enough money to stress. She burned the people who vouched for her shortly thereafter also so I guess there’s more than one sucker this side of the ocean.

The conundrum there is that some gigs you have to get credit. But one of the event gigs I shot, the “client” didn’t like how the event went and didn’t need the shots and so holding the shots only now serve as evidence for small claims court. Time sensitive stuff seems to hold the most ransom value but disorganized people/companies tend to let timelines slip so you can’t really bank on that either. Hm… ruthless eradication of the rodent class seems to be the most surefire way of not having problems.

But… I was doing a freelance motion gig at a global ad agency about 3 years ago. High rise, bomb gear, corporate stiff. Before sitting in on the meeting for the beer company ad I was there for I overhead some account execs having heated words regarding an electronics company (brand of my first full-size keyboard). It seems the electronics company were wayyyyyy past due (7&1/2 months past a previous extension to my foggy recollection) to $1/2 a million. They were looking at filing big legal beatdown to the electronics company while the electronics company’s agenda was to see how they could somehow get their upcoming campaign worked on while still being deep in the hole with no end in sight. Corporate skankitry. Wascally wabbits.