It will all be over soon

That’s what “they” said. Is there a definite timer on this thing? There is a cascade effect. Good lucky, bad lucky are the opposite sides of polarity. Polarity is magnetism. Magnetism is a force.

Your probable cause

The mofo slapped the cuffs on so tight that it took extreme effort for him to remove them from my arms after his drill was ending. His trainer commented, “how did you even get them on that tight”? 77th Division, how I have not missed you. My prior comment was “loosen the cuffs or take me in”.  Probable cause: the norm = Black man.

What irritated the most out of a long list os that they waited until I was a block away from my son’s school. I would have preferred that he observed the entire thing.

Over the last two years I have been reintroduced to so many ghosts of my youth. Some genius in her 20s called me a “ni**er” and stated that I “should still be a slave”. I literally hadn’t been called that term in 30 years. As to chattle slavery, it ended in the US legally Dec. 6, 1865, the day the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. Maybe I have some memento shit going on.

What I find now is more dumbasses think they’re smart because of autocorrecshin, search engines and the general distance that technology affords. No culpability is performance enhancing drug of entitlement. Studio gangsta need no scars.

The weirdness continues. Technology. I’m a Note user. The Note7 was announced and I’m all over it. Buy it 1st week and my already crappy economy craters. Four possible gigs dissolve. I have this bill from the carrier about to hit me then what? It turns out that the Note7 is actually an incendiary grenade! Cool. Actually not. Samsung wants all of these mofos off the playground. Man, you making me go iPhone? Vommmit.

Back to my nigra-loving girlfriend and the piglets. They actually reminded me of what my immediate struggles were detaching me. I don’t keep up with current events. Those retro manuvers returned me to the understanding of how far and how little this society has grown.

This being a phone post from my unreturned grenade, I’ll have to call it now. Takes forever to type properly. I’m not a phone tapper. Maybe the iPhone Pro will be easier to type posts.