Thursdays I ordinarily play basketball in Playa Del Rey. Last week at the soccer field next to the courts, there was a shoot going on with a decent size photo and video crew and one key talent. As I glimpsed the scene, I was estimating the shoot cost (though I’ll never know the true number). Shortly after the epic basketball clash was over; the shoot was over. My friend and I were talking Paul Bunyon tall tales with locker room twists and the soccer player walks towards us and asks, “Who won the game?”

Mia Hamm kicked a ball 572 feet away from me while I was killing bank shots on the court.

My son had just started his first season of AYSO the week or so prior and I had soccer questions. I let it go though. I knew it had been a long shoot for her as they were shooting before I had even gotten to the courts. “We both won. We’re still alive and there are no clouds in the sky,” was my answer. We waved each other off and she left the park. Her demeanor left a good impression on me. She was laid back and personable. It was Mia Hamm.

When I see known people, I tend to treat them as Joe-anyone. They are Joe-anyone to me. I don’t know how that comes off to them. I guess it depends on the person. Plus, I’m frequently celebrity ignorant so depending on the type of celebrity I might very well not know who they are. The flip side of that is that I have had a dire drought of high profile shoots this year and recently that gulf has had that Glen Gary Glen Ross Always Be Sellin’ maxim blaring in my head when I don’t pounce on opportunity (referencing the portfolio reviewer that suggested I add a few more celebrities). Ultimately, I’m a proponent of Leave-me-alone-ism and sniffing up on someone’s leg every moment isn’t my speed. By the way Mia Hamm, I won 5 games to 1 because I’m a bad mot… You know the rest.

What was interesting about the shoot, in observation, was how simplified the photo side of it. They got a lot of looks in basically using a butterfly and a big honking scrim. One light attached to the camera. Boom for the audio. Some shoulder-mounted camcorder.

So instead of shooting Mia Hamm, two days later I shot my son’s 2nd organized soccer game. AYSO is interesting as it is a volunteer organization. Seeing the families/friends out there watching their kids bop around and torpedo each other in the field is communally energetic. I feel fortunate that the team my son wound up on has that rah rah-cultured enthusiasm that my T-1000 personality doesn’t allow. The coaches are making certain that everyone is treated equally and that it is all about the kids. Every team doesn’t seem that way 100% but for the most part I’d say the waves of energy and support that the kids get is great to see so I will probably put a little more volunteer time into AYSO next year beyond shooting my son’s games (Arguably, I’m volunteering now as I provide pictures of games to the team website). *Edited to add a title and two parenthetical phrases given my sleep-posting wreckage that this represents.

Run, Green Jaguars!

Run, Green Jaguars!

My Phone Is the Devil

My phone doesn’t like to stay on anymore. Sometimes it can be on the charger for days and still not charge. It’s jacked up.

What I should have done was get a new phone once the old doohickey went haywire. But I didn’t want to drop

Note 2 is not the yet to be announced Note 3.

loot on a new device that was inadequate to my desires. I’m not an iPhone cat. The screen is too small. My eyes have dust on them so I insist on something Note 2-size and up. All year my communications have been suffering because I’m waiting for some big honkin’ screened phone to make everything all right in the world. That represents cold calls, casual calls, any communication that might further business but here I am rationing my wounded walkie’s power use. When it comes to phones, I am wary of that electronic curse of the new item coming out one second after you can’t return your recently purchased/recently obsolesced device.

Within professional imaging technology, it’s a bit opposite. You get the best you can afford. I look at my old XL1 which shoots worse than my son’s prosumer camera in terms of resolution and color fidelity. However, neither camera would be proper for a proper campaign. I laughed recently with a P.A. who had brought up some no name rapper was demanding that their white wall shoot was captured by a RED. The end result could have been shot with any new technology and the person wouldn’t have known the difference. A little bit of knowledge kind of thing… Gear chasing is a bottomless pit. I’m a fan of rent per gig now.

Anyway, assuming my carrier is stupid enough to float my bill a little longer Samsung and HTC are rumored to announce and release new big boy phones this month of September.

HTC One Max?

I’m interested in using some of the new camera to phone connection options and develop some applications. Also, the audio peripherals have multiplied quite a bit since my phone was introduced. As I’m doing more documentary work recently, it would be cool to add one of those IK Multimedia rigs or the like to the mix. So Samsung, HTC, or some unknown competitor, hurry your ass. New or not, I still won’t look at your damn text messages.