Public Servility

It’s hard to describe how much I hate this PSA. Maybe…I it HATE! it with the unbridled fury of a million suns level hatred.

You don’t start talking about life and survival as public enemy number one to your black boy at teenage years. It should damn near part of the pillow talk that makes them. Subsequently, “the talk” is about strategies and knowing your rights; not about being obsequious. You start off with know your rights the term “Probable Cause” and move to other 4th amendment supposition and further survival strategies. As a Black child, or considered as one by the police, you are going to get fucked with at some point during or post-adolescence. This Summer I was harassed by 3 boys in blue (2 dudes, 1 chick) at of a park full of people watching my son ride his bicycle – The same park he’s been to since being an infant. I told the lead cop, “I’m too old for this shit. If you don’t have better than some lame claim for probable cause, go fuck with someone else. I passed my quota years ago.”

I kept a 36×48″ image of this in my office for 25 years.

So obviously this commercial isn’t for my demographic. It’s for white liberals masquerading as a public service letting people feel like their doing something despite there being more than two Americas since there’s been an America. The other goat on my griddle (whatever the hell that means) is I’m curious how many Black people were involved in the production of that video. I don’t mean talent. I mean crew. As I surveyed 10 working actors this year, not one person remembered seeing a Black person on the crew of any major production they were involved in (studio or large agency) for the entirety of 2014. That’s zero. I repeat, I do not know the ethnic/gender breakdown for this particular spot. Next portfolio I’m going to broach this question to the art producers. So the cops get to screw me, the courts, and the business. And I’m supposed to feign outrage over Donald Sterling’s private ravings while you have an industry a fraction away of exclusivity as some Southern-fried golf club? hashtag talk-the -talk? I got your hashtag swinging.

Now on the flip side, quality people are just that no matter ethnicity nor job title. Despite my instant ire raised by hearing a police helicopter I will say I’ve met some pigs …I mean… cops who have done their jobs with tact and humanity. Some have realized they were having a bad day and checked themselves or have talked other people down from figurative ledges with empathy and no condescension. It’s a hell of a gig with a mixed past enforcing spurious laws and intent. Whereas there are worse PSA (the production is absurdly clean so I can’t fault the technique) this one just strikes me as self-flaggelating Disney-fied circle jerk. But hey, it’s not for me and I probably never have to see it again. I will have to deal with the police again.


Honda has a holiday campaign utilizing stop motion. It caught my eye between watching part of the basketball travesty Lakers vs Nuggets (Overtime, seriously?!!). Skeletor was after my cartoon time but it seems like every time a “creative” hits their late 30s/40s a flood of referential production ensues. I’m not downing the spot; The entire series is cool enough. However, I’m forever in retro fatigue.

Of course, these old properties have track records so reference becomes new commercials which translates to new cars for everyone! That said, I’m going to have to go full retro. Now on, I’m only shooting pet rocks, Dudley Doo-Right cereal boxes and life size sculptures of Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin. On set I’ll wear Toughskins and ABA Chuck Taylors while rocking the rhinestoned studded-jean jacket. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I guess far more salient than my complaints is that I find such nostalgia highly targeted but socially limited. As it is, I find when I speak to many people 35 and lower they don’t have many common frames of reference. I can’t tell a make up artist, do the eyes like Pris from Blade Runner; I have to show a picture. Cartoon-wise, we didn’t only have crappy-ass Hong Kong Phooey and the Superfriends, the bulk of cartoons were the same cartoons that 2 generations before us watched. The movies on tv spanned from Topper and Commander Cody to Giant and whatnot. All that babble goes to say is that I can easily have a pop conversation with someone in their 80s and have similar references. Now it’s let’s relaunch this old property that has no context to this new generation. That’s also similar to why Spider-man gets a fucking reboot every 2 months instead of trusting the audience to understand that this dude in the costume has abilities has to fight crime and balance his life. Just continue the damn story. But I guess Terminators and Alien/Predator sequels and prequels might nullify that concept also.

Anyway, I’m not mad at Skeletor in small doses. Thanks Honda for hiring someone to bring him and Strawberry Shortcake back for a bit. I have a couple of Shogun Warriors remaining if you want to step up the scale a bit.

Sell Cell Sale Sail

Beginning of nuclear winter starts today. The ramping of “You buy, you buy!” while downshifting productivity in the scramble of yuletide scheduling is not my favorite time. I like to work. And as an independent contractor in these times I want to dropkick Santa Claus squarely in the gonads.

I figure there are 3 sketchy weeks left until total apocalypse so there’s a mad rush to make anything good happen. What I gots? Reels to tweak, movies to cut, old photos to fix, bolstering my skills, shots to shoot, promos to make, and not one damn return phone call from new business. Starting out the year strong starts the year prior aka preparation or practice towards success. Annual paranoia dance! Anyway, what has caught my eye as gigs to aspire towards?

Skol (Brazilian beer) has been on my radar for awhile but I’ve yet to explore possibilities. I want to do things with companies that encourage shark walking (F/Nazca + Saatchi & Saatchi):

and educated cutting and lively juxtaposition (72 and Sunny; Diageo):

As it is, next year’s shark walking means not jumping the shark this year. 21 Harpoon salute.

Megafunk Visuals shoes

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