Southern Telecom is terrrrible

Apparently Southern Telecom bought brand names like Polaroid, Uniden, Sharper Image, etc. My boy got a gift, a Polaroid P10 tablet in early December. 4 calls to technical support call center where every answer is the same non-answer with an Indian accent, I’ve come to understand just how garbage a purchasing decision this thing was/is.

10″ screen that shows pixelated images. Balky Wi-Fi. Running KitKat but the artificial barrier is set so that you can’t install apps onto an SD so that the paltry internal RAM will allow for more than 2 decent size program to run without the disk space warning. The main problem is that the f****ng thing blanks out every time the thing needs to restart. I mean THE THING IS WIPED OUT! NO DATA retained.This is the 3rd one and looking on the web, it is a known problem that has not been rectified in 2 months or more.

Barring hand-delivered platinum remuneration, I’m never buying any of their brands again. Garbage product, support, etc.

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