Technology doesn’t age well

My knees haven’t either. I kind of suckered myself to upgrade the main machine to Mavericks and to no fault of the software, the nightmares commenced.

Why can't figure out don't mess with $Hi+?!?!?

Why can’t you figure out don’t mess with $Hi+?!?!?

It’s been a stabile OS but some of the little things are driving me up a wall. Multiple AVCHD files got compiled into one generic QuickTime looking file with the plebeian moniker “AVCHD. It crossed my mind to right click it to “Show Package Contents” and there were all the little nasties that I had expected. Apple has yet to care that I cannot stand them forcing their sense of file management/order onto my heretic views. Dragging the SD card onto the paperwork machine (running Lion), every process was what I was use to seeing.

This was probably the first time that a system upgrade burned me but deadlines and a long neighborhood power outage forced me into it as my patience wouldn’t allow me to make my deadlines. So I made those immediate deadlines with great struggle but now the new deadlines are suffering. It’s nothing that a proper maintenance day won’t cure but I should have a figured out a way not to get into the position in the first place. Until this time, I always throughly checked software compatibility and nuances like that AVC wrapper thing. Circumstances, man, circumstances…

By the way, experts: It’s OS Roman numeral TEN not ECKS. Bugs the hell out of me. Final Cut TEN not ECKS, mofos.

Going through storage, I hoisted out a Beta SP deck, a U-Matic deck, a Laserdisc player, and a VHS player for some necessary video transfers. Man, those tapes are ill. Tracking is jacked and changes through the tapes. I found a clean copy of the item on LaserDisc online (shiver me timbers, matey), and I’m still scrubbing these damn tapes.

Old tech was new tech and all tech is a pain in the posterior.