Who builds a subway in earthquake country?

40 years ago, Rapid Transit District was yapping about building a train system. After years of screwing around, they finally gutted the old Subway system (yes L.A. had a train line wayyy back), changed their name to Metro, and started running cars that affect traffic and go underground in stretches. My question has been from the beginning, if you want a modern city in earthquake territory, why the F*@& would you not build a monorail? It bugs the absolute *YEARGH!!!** out of me every time I see that white/yellow/black New York-o-phile people mover zip through an intersection. MONORAIL, dumbasses! My speculation is that a train system probably demands a bigger budget allowing more fleecing and skimming.

1925 Los Angeles modern transportation technology

Fortunately, Metro does good print ads. Unfortunately, I’m not doing them. Fortunately, I now know who did the carpool Elvis shots for them. Unfortunately, I don’t see that ad online.

Cutting edge HORSE power!