Crane vs Guillotine

Most recent round of MMA WIP (work in progress)

Most recent round of MMA WIP (work in progress)

On the court yesterday I was asked why I continue to play basketball if I have bad knees. The question came from a dude who looked like he was preparing to water birth an adult panda next week. I imagine that he wouldn’t understand my answer. To be “fair”, my answer is un-understandable anyway. I can make no sense with the best and worst of them.

MMA has become a regular fixture in my life. It’s my son’s second favorite sport/activity so I naturally sought more information and entrance into its world. I recall the closet thing to anything branded as mixed martial arts when I was a kid was Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do. My interest in martial arts was not sport involved. It doesn’t lessen UFC, Bellator, etc. style competition in my mind; It’s just a noticeable difference in intent and approach. It seems that if you only do MMA you miss some of the things that can give you a different base. Eg. There are different steps and allocation of weight and breathing when you do Tai Ji vs Kung Fu vs Karate vs Boxing, etc. But I’m seeing the effectiveness in attacks that I really only had seen prior in Judo.

I initially shot the above shot last year in a park and extended the background. Too boring. Ironically enough, the Megafunk World Ranger was stolen by some misanthrope (My son’s mouthpiece and other materials were minding their own business in the glove compartment.). My between-wheels time gave me the opportunity to take another pass on the shot. I’m still considering it a WIP as many of the elements are FPO (for position only) but I feel better about it thematically and energy-wise.

punch 'em and kick 'em then punch 'em and kick'em again

punch ’em and kick ’em then punch ’em and kick’em again