I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Hamburger Today

“Strangely” after helping a dude in need by loaning him my tools, the megafunk-mobile disappeared with him. During its absence, I was accused of hamstringing a person’s new project who had an unpaid balance for 9 1/2 months.

Wake of thievery

Horse thieves used to get hanged.

I was accused by all kinds of loons because my dominant interest doesn’t orbit the egocentric universe known throughout the cosmos of entitlement. Simultaneously, another well-adjusted (*cough*) entity resurfaced after a year feigning interest in my existence to purr inquiries into how she might be able to juice some sucker to her advantage. “Call me, babe!” No thanks. Then multitudes more popped up with their succubus-like  requests. These represent a small sample size of my weeks on foot.

Two and 1/2 weeks later, the stripped* machine was found within the adorable confines of the police impound in the wonderful city of Inglewood. Inglewood has always loved me like a stripper. And because I’m always prepared for the absurd, my engine caught fire right as I was about to leave the tow yard parking lot. To one of the dude’s credit, vehicles combusting into flames must be a norm in his work so at my request he popped out of his office and covered my engine with enough fire extinguisher retardant so that it looked like a reenactment of post Vesuvius Pompeii.

There’s a difference between help and Wimpy.

Getting back on the road took a better mechanical eye than mine. Fire burns up things. Fortunately, it was relatively minor work to get things back on deck but that came from a handful of good people coming through for me. “That’s GAWD coming through for you!” some non-contributing materialist blurted.  My response to her was colorful.

Now, I got help. I needed help. But I didn’t expect nor feel entitled to anyone’s help. That’s not Wimpy. That’s not tricking. That’s not sociopathy prompted by abject narcissism. The Bicycle Thief was an early film about the cycle of poverty and the social dysfunction it affects in concentric fashion. I’ve always viewed it as a horror movie.

As it is, I’ve had to press harder to make up for the time loss and mounted-stress since the horse thief dented my schedule. A lot of it is hurry up and wait and there’s additional frustration with that. But the ingredients to progress many times contain things that have to be overcome with limited discernible explanation nor seeming end. Endure.

* Stripped = removal of the crackiest of crackheaded things like a broken stock 90s AM/FM cassette deck, broken stick shift ball, grimy foot rugs, Brand placards, etc. Drug addled decision making is tops!

Tired of Lemonade

It’s good to have a little bit of MacGuyver skill-set but you really don’t want to be known mainly for being able to make something out of nothing. Knowing how to maximize your resources to make something greater than what it should have been is called talent, competence, etc. but you really want to have proper budgets so that you’re not always scraping. Double Discount Danny is a rep that’s hard to shake.


Mostly, once you’ve established a low rate, that “client” doesn’t expect to have to pay much more than that if there is repeat business. So, if you low-balled yourself, you tend to be everlastingly attached to that ball and chain. Subsequently, “I’ll make it up to you next time” is like your girl telling you this time she really means it when she says she’s going to stop cheating on you… again. What a low ball client will do is not put up with the reverse Wimpy (Pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today) by you saying “pay me full price today and I’ll cut you a discount some magical time down the line”.

However, realistically, you have to know where you stand and what you’re willing to put up with from entities. Many have told me that it’s good that I have multiple skills in production and post but I have to find clientele that can support that appreciation. You also have to know when to keep certain things close to your vest. That whole Scotty-thing in Star Trek where he always overestimates how long something is going to take so he can seem like a miracle worker when he actually accomplishes it. That would seem like something one should only do sparingly.

For me, January and February are almost always ridiculously slow. The joyful thing is that it follows the glacial holiday months. Wooohoo! So in a little over an hour, my 2014 starts in proper and the lemons shall remain on the tree.

Dig yourself out of the hole - Not deeper

Dig yourself out of the hole – Not deeper