Tired of Lemonade

It’s good to have a little bit of MacGuyver skill-set but you really don’t want to be known mainly for being able to make something out of nothing. Knowing how to maximize your resources to make something greater than what it should have been is called talent, competence, etc. but you really want to have proper budgets so that you’re not always scraping. Double Discount Danny is a rep that’s hard to shake.


Mostly, once you’ve established a low rate, that “client” doesn’t expect to have to pay much more than that if there is repeat business. So, if you low-balled yourself, you tend to be everlastingly attached to that ball and chain. Subsequently, “I’ll make it up to you next time” is like your girl telling you this time she really means it when she says she’s going to stop cheating on you… again. What a low ball client will do is not put up with the reverse Wimpy (Pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today) by you saying “pay me full price today and I’ll cut you a discount some magical time down the line”.

However, realistically, you have to know where you stand and what you’re willing to put up with from entities. Many have told me that it’s good that I have multiple skills in production and post but I have to find clientele that can support that appreciation. You also have to know when to keep certain things close to your vest. That whole Scotty-thing in Star Trek where he always overestimates how long something is going to take so he can seem like a miracle worker when he actually accomplishes it. That would seem like something one should only do sparingly.

For me, January and February are almost always ridiculously slow. The joyful thing is that it follows the glacial holiday months. Wooohoo! So in a little over an hour, my 2014 starts in proper and the lemons shall remain on the tree.

Dig yourself out of the hole - Not deeper

Dig yourself out of the hole – Not deeper

Limping to the finish line

One more old beat down gig to finish before I switch to the new business model. After a year and a half, I will have purged the last legacy loon off of the list. The new business model calls for a higher starting point and a return to more product-based method. One of my biggest bad decisions was putting product on the back burner for so long as the service end was doing so well. Personality type-wise, I make things. I’ve always been a creator to a MacGuyver level were I can make anything out of something else.

I made a casual comment to my son who then asked me the difference between being alive and living. He understood my answer. But talk is talk without the effort to actualize.

Just as one learns by doing, you do by doing. You should be learning as part of the process. That does not mean you don’t do research. That’s part of the doing. Education is to bring out the power that is already in you. You have the energy, the ancestral knowledge, then you are to merge it at with practical application and information to where it becomes your knowledge through routine. That’s the discipline.