We all have a little bit of Godzilla inside of us


Regenerator G!

I have to admit, I want to see this new Godzilla movie now. I mean…right now. Me and the big G go way back. Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla vs Space Godzilla, the original 1954 Gojira will all get me to stop in my tracks to see the big Gorilla – Whale do its Tokyo stomp. It’s an admitted sickness. Warren Ellis did a funny take in Bad World on Church of the Godzilla worshippers. (Unfortunately, my comic collection was destroyed 4 years ago so I can’t reference it specifically but I’m certain it involved some epic scale bestial coitus given the source.)

Emmerich’s travesty GINO (Godzilla in name only) represented so many things I dislike about Hollywood movie generation. They took up a totally ridiculous franchise where people were perfectly forgiving of the dialogue and seams on the suits and removed stripped the core of the character away with insane logic (eg. Spider-Man having organic web-shooters). Look dumb ass, Godzilla is big as f*+k, lives to tear s [% t up, and breathes muthaf17k\n fire. If you want to make a movie about a mutant iguana call it Iguanado or some other nonesense.

Anyway, from the trailer, the Big G is going to be monster size (bigger than skyscrapers) and tear new a-holes in new kaiju. This movie can have Bryan Cranston having a teary moment while undergoing a sex change for the love of his favorite wookie and I’m still going to be all over this movie. I don’t see how they can screw this one up given the trailers. I’ve been proven wrong before but me and Son Zillah will be sneaking into the movie May 16th barring the idiot apocalypse.

Side note: the regenerator G reference was from Godzilla 2000 and was the only good part of the movie… and it was worth it for those ridiculous lines. I saw it in Japanese across the street from Sony at the defunct Mann Culver. If I’m correct, the original DVD didn’t have the Japanese soundtrack and the American dub makes it unwatchable given my initial exposure. Who cares right?