Busy vs Execution

My high school education cost more than the University. I had a full scholarship and had to export myself from “South Central” Los Angeles to North Hollywood via public transportation for nearly 3 years until a dented Toyota Celica powered by sleepy gerbils was gifted to me. Bus stop at 5:30 am and back at 7:30-8:30 pm during basketball season. With that, I had to learn to do homework in motion.

Hands on hips mean trouble

Hands on hips mean trouble

Forward 25+ years, sitting by the computer by 5:30 cutting, chopping, researching, pontificating, acclimating. Come 7:30-8:30 pm, where’s the payoff? In a freelance, entrepreneur, self employed world, busy work is absolutely ineffective. Small talk, energy drains, distractions, lists, lists, lists that don’t turn to gold can be a signal of self-sabotage. Many people are afraid to fail and they do a bunch of scattered shit blaming the gods and Colonel Sanders’ cannibal tailor to camouflage their fear. That’s one possible face of “busy”.

You set a goal. You execute. If you can’t execute that goal, set a more realistic goal. If you want to make movies but haven’t been able to block the time to shoot a feature AND you don’t want to do shorts, break your scenes down to where you can attack it serially. Or maybe do it in a different medium first. It shouldn’t take years to realize you’re screwing around. However, some goals take multiple years to achieve and offer shortcuts. I’m watching a live seminar on Creative Live right now of Beate Chelette talking about building business while I’m typing this. School had homework with getting your diploma so you could get the hell out of high school as a time and merit-based goal. Whatever your interest (purpose, goal) in ROI (return on investment) regimentation towards the accomplishment of them are important. Being “busy” is an occurrence but it is not definitely a targeted action. Busy doesn’t inherently pay the bills nor move you closer to your endeavor. The “busy” has to viably build towards the end goal. Only with that busyness become execution.

Anyway, whatever, what the hell do I know?