Fractional growth


My first thrill was animation. I loved to draw on rainy mornings but learning how to move those drawings amplified everything exponentially. Animation brought me many awards growing up. There was a serenity of focus that I probably still don’t get from any other medium of expression. It’s forging time and space.

Animation led me to live action which is far more collaborative. Subsequently, when you’re looking to keep the cupboard full of scooby snacks you do more than narrative. Hence, event, documentary, etc. shooting become part of your tool set.

Typing these thoughts on my phone between driving is disruptive as all hell.

It’s interesting how the different arenas of videography overlap but still offer distinctions that can make or break a shoot. The flow of communication remains consistent and I continually work on directing the subject to get the most out of them that I can. I know where I was going with this post but I’ll leave that for another time.

They made me go outside to get it.

If you see me lighting the runway don’t come up to me, “Excuse me. I’m not trying to do your job but… I’m a photographer and…”. Who isn’t? You’re not even the photographer on the job. Shut up. Read a book. Go play in the traffic because you don’t know the instructions. You’re not intimate to the situation.

So I’m reacquainting myself with the world away from my computer because… you know… the work is out there and it’s only going to be on my computer with a combination of multiple efforts. Saturday night — sit at the pad, go out and waste time on a bad flick, or score a couple of ducats watching young ladies walking in strange clothing on a runway illuminated by my Croatia-made halogens? No contest. I believe many people get lulled into the Lotto mentality where they await their one break. Whereas you hear stories of individuals plucked from obscurity and thrust into the big time, I’ve witnessed alien abductions at a rate of 10,000: 1.

The doors are numerous. Those are your “breaks” and you cannot behold yourself to one door. Because that door that opened for you has another direction possible. Business is an absolute bitch as a creative. As a pro photographer I’ve done more cross reference, analysis, charting than any other commercial endeavor I’ve involved myself in save publishing. In motion design, visual effects, etc. it’s all been about skills and technique. Professional photography is slow and continual torture as it’s more about finding ways to get intimate to bank accounts of the buyers by first somehow leapfrogging their cylindrical receptionist.

Promo cards, web sites, source books, various promo tools don’t weigh as greatly as running into a cat in casual conversation where you find out they’re a creative director at Pleasegivemeawholelotofmoney Advertising. This cat I know started talking to some dude in a slow moving bank line. Cat came to find out dude wanted to go bungee jumping but no one else had ever considered going with him. Cat said he could go in a month barring schedule changes. Cat soon learned dude was a VP at Bigassmoviecompany. Cat was dangling from a rubber band that weekend. When he bounced back he had a 2-movie deal at Bigassmoviecompany. Sproing.

I opened an account at that branch with f!!king skydiving goggles.

Rusty the security guard gets a little nervous when I walk in to check on my negative balance. What a punk.

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