Devil business

The business card layer of the abyss

The business card layer of the abyss

I got my start in computer graphics like almost everyone I know. I shall I say, “Yo ho ho, matey!?” An acquaintance had a copy of Quark 3.11, another had Photoshop 2.5, someone else had Freehand and all I had was a 40 lbs coal-powered computer with an amber monitor pushing CPM and sporting dual 10″ floppies. Actually, that computer’s power switch was an ignition. I had to use an actual metal key to power the thing on! Hahahahahaaa! I totally had forgotten about that detail. Apple had released System 7 and I was learning what I could intermittently on other people’s machines.

Fast forward to ’94 and I had been pretty good about pre-flighting files. I don’t recall ever looking at a product/file that I had commercially printed that yielded any low res proxy. I used good production techniques and I checked my work like a good little desktop printing soldier. Bulletproof results!!! Well, not anymore, sailor!

Old card: Free of Satan, not free of chaos

Old card: Free of Satan, not free of chaos

I was running out of cards and I really needed a change of logo so I fashioned something like an anarchy symbol but using the megafunk “M”. I did the thing in under a half hour — didn’t proof, step back, nada. Time was an issue. Auto-pilot was more so. I’ve been handing the things out for a couple of months but during my gallery show I handed one to someone and really looked at it for the first time. (I’m referring to the information side of the card. The front side is just an image.) The web site is a bit of a bitch to read because it’s a little too small. It’s not as chaotic as the one prior. I preferred the chaos. But the hilarity was that the anarchy M can easily be misconstrued as a goat head. The looks of confusion that the card brings are plentiful. Anyway, I’m not changing the damn thing until I’m all out of cards.

Unfortunately, the trip to the crossroads hasn’t yielded anymore height on my vertical nor successful bank deposits. To top it off, Next Day Flyers screwed the order so much that I’ll probably never print with them again. That’s my advice to the kiddies: Watch for goat heads and Satan calls if you’re the sensitive type. I find the card funny. Sloppy, yeah. That too.

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