Indentured Euphemisms

I cover the waterfront… watching… ships come in

A bit of hearsay led me to recollection of one of my early jobs. I was a… cheap laborer, scrub, security, courier, henchman for a real estate company. The courier part of the job allowed me to know the streets of Los Angeles, the valley and Long Beach intimately – Thomas-Guide-A-Sutra. I figured out routes that cut travel time. Decades later, those paths no longer exist. One gig, my Celica (or 280zx) and I, and a 14oz cup sat 14.5 hours watching a construction site from half a block away to make certain no one absconded with building materials in the dark of night.

Later, after I fell 2 stories at another site where they had me doing spiderman crap on apartments they were moving, they let me go for fear that their shenanigans would finally catch up to them and they’d get sued to all hell. Being short-sighted they hired the preacher’s son and after months of late deliveries and compromised packages they came to see how exploiting me were their glory days ne’er to return. See, I never opened a single package. The Preacher’s son however had been opening the packages and skimming serious cash. Had I known the contents, I would have quit on the spot. They were using me for what they should have used an armoured car to do. It’s an odd thing for the people in a business to have zero interest in the safety and quality of your life. I’ve been railing on about internships lately as well as kids working for the Hollywood allure of having their name scroll by at warp speed in the end credits and another entry on IMDB.

“The sheriff is near?”

Last week I got a promo for a photo contest. Maybe I’m exaggerating but they appeared to have 30 judges… all white, equitable ratio male : female. The judges mirrored my last meeting where I felt like the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles (Which is not unusual). AKA The norm. The norm doesn’t always imply intention but it does display ignorance in its dictionary sense of word. Many times people just don’t know because they’ve never had to think about it. Some know and don’t care. They use terms like “fit the culture” which is a euphemism for exclusionary practices. My norm is that I have no choice but to observe the make up of the population of a company. I count the genders, the ethnicities, the offices vs the cubicles. It strangely is not a complaint. I mainly want to know how far away I am from “The Culture” (insert deep echo effect here).

Back at the house. Back to cutting.

(Typed on smartphone while waiting in a parking lot. Edits forth coming)

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