Don’t you want to be the man?

You see the athletes flying through your television, actors transforming into other persona, some cat winning the nobel prize for inventing the transmorphographicisotopicthangamajang and you get a charge, don’t you? It takes a special mind and focus to maximize your talents. Recognition must be cool but nothing can compare to mastery and knowing the ego bump that comes with it.

Talking to some of my college peers, it was interesting to hear where they deviated from their original aspirations. Graduated or not, got the spouse, the chilluns, the tax return, the time for unencumbered notions disappates. Operations become boxed by necessity.   No need for apologies because of unreturned calls. Time is a mofo.


Battles withour honor or humanity

My boy and I were discussing our basketball game, adults vs parents, where 2 seven year olds and him faced 2 mid 40s and 1 close to 30. The important thing is that the kids one because I defected to their squad and I am awesome even with no knees. Well, ok, the truly important thing in conversation was that the seven year old was better than every kid on the court that migrated to the game up to the 11 year old. That kid practices with older kids but is too young to play in the games. What’s the moral in me bringing this up, youngster, I asked: Son says, “Playing players who are better than you boosts your game”.

Everyone needs to have some fun. So be it. And I’m not talking some Todd Marinovich thing were you’re bred and reared to do nothing but dominate your sport. But I asking him, “don’t you want to be the man?” He says he does in soccer. I’m cool with that. The boy can really focus when he wants to do so. But when I ask him these things many tmes I’m asking myself also.

Don’t you want to be the man?

I enjoy making things. I still do.

The fangs of survival endeavor to squelch that memory. But when it comes down past all the nonsense and the noise, the core is what I can build from my own imagination. And I’m not a master at anything. Why is that? Lack of talent? Lack of drive? You do what you want. You actions are the truth. Talking to that boy is talking to myself. Don’t you want to be the man? Show me.

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