Sell Cell Sale Sail

Beginning of nuclear winter starts today. The ramping of “You buy, you buy!” while downshifting productivity in the scramble of yuletide scheduling is not my favorite time. I like to work. And as an independent contractor in these times I want to dropkick Santa Claus squarely in the gonads.

I figure there are 3 sketchy weeks left until total apocalypse so there’s a mad rush to make anything good happen. What I gots? Reels to tweak, movies to cut, old photos to fix, bolstering my skills, shots to shoot, promos to make, and not one damn return phone call from new business. Starting out the year strong starts the year prior aka preparation or practice towards success. Annual paranoia dance! Anyway, what has caught my eye as gigs to aspire towards?

Skol (Brazilian beer) has been on my radar for awhile but I’ve yet to explore possibilities. I want to do things with companies that encourage shark walking (F/Nazca + Saatchi & Saatchi):

and educated cutting and lively juxtaposition (72 and Sunny; Diageo):

As it is, next year’s shark walking means not jumping the shark this year. 21 Harpoon salute.

Megafunk Visuals shoes

From the way back machine

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