The Florescent Axe

We are all bombarded with entities attempting to get in your pockets, pants, brain, etc. I remind myself that all creative people need an axe and a shovel. Sometimes you have to kill your dead weight and bury the bodies with the nonsense. If you are doing stupid **** instead of progressing, you have too much time on your hands or your greatest interest is in doing stupid ****. Then again, this seems to be the retro return of the me-ist part of the 80s.

Can someone tell me who brought back all this florescent highlighter clothing? The last time I had seen that as quasi-big was around the time of that “Wake me up before you go-go” Wham video. I’m serious. I’m not pop knowledgeable enough to know how to track it. Look at meeeee!!! Ugly.

megafunk visual

Dig yourself out of the hole – Not deeper

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