J-P’s Frenglish

Jean-Paul Mann

Jean-Paul Mann was a photographer who was very open to me about many things technical, business and life-related. He constantly excused himself for his Frenglish as though he was the only French speaker that anyone had ever heard in Los Angeles. He was, however, the only Jean-Paul Mann that I had ever met.

He was introduced to me through my homegirl Lu and I would frequently pass by his office and talk the talk. Dude was open to talking to anyone, especially if they were pushing photography with skill. Big time pro in Europe, never quite finding his footing in the U.S. due to health and the resulting fatigue; The cat had a good spirit but a weak heart. It wasn’t the heart that got him as much as it tried.

After trying to catch up to him for months, I came to find out he wasn’t well. The not-well went permanent. Now, I’m typing this. My Los Angeles is lesser without imagery, the Frenglish and the man.

Jean-Paul Mann MM

Jean-Paul Mann website #1 (for however long its up)

2 thoughts on “J-P’s Frenglish

  1. Hello!
    I was wondering about the current state, health-wise, of Mr. Jean-Paul.
    Is he still with us?
    I am aware that he was sufferig through very serious issues, but then, after seeing his iconic “most-viewed MM photo” pop up again, I remembered that i have not heard ANYTHING about him or his condition. Do you have any news about him, Sir?
    Thank you in advance.

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