300 leaves

active_08I broke my finger two weeks ago and typing a post hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind. Basketball remains an avenue for concentration – though within the recent months I can add a concussion to the injury list. My skills have diminished greatly over the last year but I still crave the physical competition so I tape the digits and use the damaged claws judiciously. Apparently time waits for no one and the old get older.

I look at the stack of paper. It’s over 300 sheets of leads that I had sent emails to in early 2013. Most of them still need follow ups. I’m attempting a new system to stay up on things such as those. Mainly, Insightly but also some Adobe Air-based product by some name I don’t recall at the moment. For some reason cold calls and email blasts aren’t as stimulating as being the oldest former mediocre player on the court. Physics are less capricious than the lies of industry.

With a minimum 300 unsupported leaves looming, adjustments have to be made again. Were it easy, everyone would…

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