Enema Squad


Insert “flush” clichĂ© here. Sticking with a plan or abandoning it. I’ve been on my son about decisiveness recently. General premise is to train yourself to make the best decision possible with the given data and honestly be fine with the consequences – minimal rationalizations required.
The dichotomy when faced with extended lack of return allows for easy slippage of resolve or logically appreciating that it’s bail out time. So you can con yourself into all forms of stagnation to not have to make the hard call. What’s needed (aside from actual success) is perspective: forest for the trees kind of shit stuff. Perspective is a bear when you have a bear baring down of you. So, handling the heat of the moment or breaking the malaise are mutually needed skills to help further your cause.
I bring up my boy because I have to continually self-reflect to minimize any hypocrisy in guidance. Fear, dedication and ignorance are possibly the root to inability to execute valid endeavors. Even when other factors are involved, the proverbial grindstone thing gets brought up. The simplest route to decision making might be the worst: how do you feel? That’s if that is the sole factor but highly valuable when paired with cost/return, projections, ROI, etc.
At the very least, don’t be full of s**t. Make your damn decision, give it some time and re-evaluate until you have reached your goal or until you know you can live with calling it unsalvageable. It’s the old “shit or get off the pot” thing. The promentalshitbackwashpsychosis enema Squad of Funkadelic lore. You claim to be an -er but when you’ve watch 27 hours of entertainment in 1 day instead your -er, then you are full of shit. Free moments not applied to your -er (eg. write -er, bake -er, candlestick make-er, etc) means you’re full of shit. And maybe you are legitimately burned out. Guess what you are in addition to the burn…? Hint: see photo up top. If you want the glory, you have to take the barbs, also.
So I can work on my database now or watch a flick while dreaming of Jeannie in a yellow bikini. Oh the constipation!

(Typed on phone. Adjustments later if necessary)

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