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[Stream on:] Speaking to a peer, he mentioned that it took him a long time to accept the look of wide angle lenses. All his work at a point demanded telephoto and so he fell to the premise of wide meant hobby or bad. Everyone contextualizes things to their understanding, enhanced by their bias.

Lego tank


Coming from animation at an early age, my view of movement and angles translated into wide views. Not so much Fisheye but distorted nonetheless. Forcing the foreground, tilting the horizon, bowing line alters the view of energy. But I guess it’s all distorted in some way. Like starlight, the light you see twinkling while singing songs by the campfire shone goo gobs of years ago. With that the displacement is time. So no matter what, you’re presenting a warped view of time.

In college, a professor spoke to me about world history and why he liked talking to me (Yes Brünhilde, rare but fact): “As a young American Black man, you have so much energy and hope. As an old European man, I already know there is no hope.” We were comparing notes on etymology and mentalities based on media representation (I think. Long time ago). I didn’t care about being “right”, I cared about the quality of the conversation. People taking the time to communicate with you with their filters down allow for greater opportunity for varied understandings.


Pessimism and optimism don’t exist without a degree of influence from one another That conversation was the year of Tiananmen Square, iIRC. 25 years later, I’m listening to KCRW and they’re interviewing an Asian American theatre crew who perform a play based on those protests. As ubiquitous as the image of dude standing in front of the tank, many of the young actors had never heard of the protests given censorship and other factors. Also notable was how the writers had shifted the characterization of the “villains” from cartoonish to people agonizing over the decisions that they come to have made.

I don’t know. Maybe that’s a lot of typing just to say that their are so many perspectives that to hold yourself to one in a practice in dumbass-ery. Maybe the pessimism is that “it is all false so let the s**t fall where it may” is a bit too defeatist as learning and changing is a self-motivated endeavor. One can see through any lens but one can’t see through another’s eyes. However, with empathy and submission of self, a person can get a much wider view. [Stream: off]

Go get FunKy!

Go get FunKy!

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