Dino Cop & Other Law Enforcement

My god son used to go a filmmaking program at UCLA as a preteen through his early teens. The first movie I saw of his was an animated non sequitur of clay titled “Dino Cop”. The highlight of which was an earthquake on the set that split the city streets revealing what everyone suspects: Lava flows immediately once you penetrate the asphalt and the thin layer of the Earth’s crust. As I think about it, my first or second clay animation was an abhorrent monster movie with stylized giant monsters. My son’s first solo animation was the visionary exercise “Clash of Monsters”. Monster blood is deep.

Kid brains don’t think the same as adult ones. With ignorance of story structure they can deliver some bat-shit crazy creations. While listening to the Major Spoilers Podcast, I heard Matthew reviewing Axe Cop. I had never read the comic nor seen the show so it sparked my interest that he said that the comic originated from two brothers. The older brother (mid-20s at the time) would listen to stories from his 5 year old brother and made a graphic novel out of it. As you would expect, it’s sheer madness. Numerous decapitations, dinosaur with machine gun hands, villains that shoot fruit from their body, etc. represent Axe Cop’s world of disorder. That’s the platinum fruit of the barbarian (as all little boys should be). Once civilized (hopefully), the adulterated stories need a “love interest”, targeting, branding, pretension, cliché and acknowledgement. The conflict is to evolve the thought and focus the wild streaks. A kid makes stories to have fun and nothing should get in the way of it.

“And my father told my mother, ‘Let that boy boogie woogie. It’s in him an’ it gots ta come out.’ And I felt so good, I just boogied all the same.” – John Lee Hooker, Boogie Chillen

As it is, I’ve only seen this Axe Cop: The Beginning youtube-thing.  It has unicorn babies, family time-travel homicide, giant robots, etc. It might not be the greatest flight of nuttiness that I’ve seen but I’m glad that it’s primarily from the mind of a child. A lot of the modern cartoons that I’ve seen clips of seem to originate from weed heads scratching themselves between wars of flatulence. Re-inspired, my new animation should hit production in the next few units of time. My goal will be to let the wild notions go loose. But if that doesn’t work, I’ll just lift ideas from my son and he can sue me in civil court after gaining his emancipation. Oh yeah, he’s been in production on his new animation over several months. The completion date is hard to determine, though. Adios.

Side note: For those who haven’t yet seen the glory:

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