Digital Jets

Bennnay!! Bennnnay!!! Jet Magazine is going paperless. I’ve never done any work for them but I have “known” a couple of their beauties of the week (collar pop goes here with matching Barry White song and fishbowl heeled boots). I hadn’t seen the magazine in awhile but that doesn’t reduce its historical significance nor its present one. According to the press release, all subscribers are being funneled to Ebony Magazine so that Jet can better its agility in deference to its original purpose of timeliness.

The physical versus digital magazine is still a hard decision. Being current demands embracing technology. If the message is timeless, then relying on a schooner crossing the Atlantic is a perfectly acceptable medium to convey it. So for myself, tech, entertainment, etc. are 100% data plan dependent. Nat Geo, fiction and the like are hard copies. I find it difficult to stay on target reading electronic verbiage. Of the magazine technologies available I think Flipboard is the only digital style that I like. However, because of its structure and content type, I’m not certain how many pages I can read as compared to a tactile copy.

It’s strange with Jet. It was one of my inspirations to launch a magazine back in the early 90s. One of the reasons that my magazine went on hiatus was because of the length of turnaround time and here Jet is beating me to the punch (as they should given the length of “hiatus”). The flip side is that, given my age and era when I was coming up, Jet felt conservative and complacent. Though I’ve retained the moniker from the beatbox era, maybe I’m conservative and complacent. It’s hard to say when you’re examining a tree.

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