Release the Kraken!

My boy’s birthday was recent so I was delayed in releasing his magnum opus (I might actually look up the specific definition of that term one day) “Clash of Monsters”. He completed this movie late October/Early November and beat my record for first movie duration by several minutes. This cinematic masterpiece is clocking in at 4 minutes 31 seconds and is unadulterated monster smashing. We await to see if it was accepted in the film festival which by screening date I will have done color correction and proper title sequence.  In the interim I say, Pacific Rim had a bigger budget but came from the same place of influence. The OG Gorilla – Whale has another disciple.

*I’m curious if this WordPress app is going to post that link as a link or as a window. Ok. I’m going to have to fix the link in the browser later. Oh the humanity!

**Fixed. Note to self: remember the syntax

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