Finishing Kick

I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of cat. Motivation to resolve issues and conquer goals should be internally generated. But then again, time is an abstraction that effects the physical plane. If not hypocritical, I at least state my preference towards the finishing kick. The premise being that a hard pursuit towards an end game can present yourself at the least under the light of a respectable showing onwards to catching and surpassing your target unexpectedly. In practical terms, you feel the sense of accomplishment as well as setting yourself up for the next page of the Gregorian calendar.

Depending upon your prior output, it can also be called “cramming” which sometimes is situationally as good as it can get.

megafunk black and white paint

Masks on top of masks

Many people drift off for the holidays starting around whatever ghost brew they can grab tonight and resurface from the revelry on the back of baby New Year. If you can afford that luxury, rock on. There are probably 3 major points in the year when people are looking for something new and as a creative professional preparation for those moments could mean the difference towards entry versus the continuation of waiting outside.

So go ahead, little goblins. My porch light will not be on but I don’t damn you for letting your wig down and getting your sugar bomb social hour tricking and/or treating. Masks on top of masks. However,  I like that new “most interesting man in the world” quip about when it’s time for the unmasking and only the mask comes off, you weren’t doing something right.

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