Basketball Jones

basketball and my favorite shoes of the decade

I dig these decommissioned Oscillation M almost as much as I like shooting the rock.

I laugh at the thought that I haven’t dunked a basketball in over 25 years. I always enjoyed the game and the competition throughout all of the injuries. Stealing the ball, turning the dribbler, shooting the lanes, throwing cats off of their offense was my thing. I enjoy jacking up the offense’s plan. Early this year, I was ambushed by a cat I used to play with about 2-3 years back. I retired, I told him. He said come to this new court. Dastardly bastard!

I’m in more pain but my knees feel stronger somehow. My vertical is now nonexistent. My son sees me icing and advises me that I should stop playing. I shoot what I love. It’s probably why I’ve been doing more sports/active lifestyle stuff lately.

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