Manatee of Insanity v.2

“You’re So Vain” has been in my head for a few months. We all filter our observation through our own biases and depending upon our stuffing, we gauge the conclusions accordingly. I saw my son awaken Saturday with zeal in his eye. “Dad, I want to animate now”. It was 7am and he hadn’t yet drained the weasel but he was fired up to have Godzilla destroy Mechagodzilla and collateral damage be damned. So he set upon animation monster test #4 while I prepared his monster fuel (breakfast).

A month or so ago I had come across a sale price on a better camera for him that was too good to pass up. We had done a test animation a year and a half ago but now it seemed like he was finally ready to focus and submit to the madness of animation affliction.”It shocked me when I saw how long it took,” he says but the thrill of doing it himself is great. After learning the ropes, test 2 and on have been primarily without my help. He even did some of the visual effects by himself. It’s a cold glimpse into the future of a father’s obsolescence as adolescences stalks along the periphery.

Using your imagination to animate and make movies has to be a burning desire (at least when it’s for intrinsic reward). It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy other things, it’s that he maintains the zeal throughout the day and works on his movies everyday at this phase. He had come prepared with storyboards for test animation #4! I wasn’t expecting that. After 2 months of rubber stamped nonsense from other entities, it’s good to see this particular routine established for however long it lasts. The determination to your end goal is displayed by the discipline of pursuit.

As it is, I want my boy to be able to do everything on his own and his efforts rewarded solely onto him. The key element of vicariousness for me is only in remember the manic energy that I used to put into animation. I’m appreciative of that reminder.

One thought on “Manatee of Insanity v.2

  1. How old is your son? It’s great to see a father and son working together. Your blog post always sends me to the dictionary. – iMp

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