Micro 4 thirds

I haven’t tried to hold the tiny cameras that micro-4/3s are for an excessive amount of time but I have to admit that it’s pretty cool for run and gun. I want to experiment with the format with a few different cameras.  I’m considering a rental of panasonic’s GH3 or the G5/6 – work permitting.

The new world of digital acquisition makes older digital technology suffer almost immediately once the new machine hits. The sensors on the new consumer cameras smoke most of the 8 year old pro sensors in speed and color fidelity.  You do see a lot of nastier macro blocking on the videos and the low light is subpar but in terms of portability and cost the consumer gear can get you in the game. And under favorable conditions most would not be able to determine any differences from cameras in the $400 range from the $2000 level.

As not  all conditions are favorable, that’s one of the reasons to shell out for for smarter internals and more manual features. With creation tools, you need to be able to grab the stick on the fly.


Cell phone? Blah!

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