Steve’s condensed milk

Good speech by director Steven Soderbergh here. Insightful and contradictory commentary.

I was told that my invoice was too much by someone yesterday. The early, I was asked by someone else that I was doing a quick and dirty job for if I was done with the work. They had asked for several more items well beyond what the initial spoke of the agreement was. Both entities at different times showing zero understanding of how the sausage gets made suggested that I do the work on their computers.

Now, both these were “favor” gigs from my standpoint. What I might do and how little I might do it for is not equivalent to what I will do for a regular gig. A regular gig, you set the terms and move on. Buzzwords like “It will only take you an hour” show you the immediate disrespect they have for you and the craft. “It’s too much” is not a term that you hear when people actually know what things really cost. You want to eat at The Ivy, don’t come with Subway money.

Yesterday, two other people returned to me out of the blue. One to check in, knowing that checking in likens the probability that I’ll do something for free or barter. The other one outright asks I can do the thing gratis. I’m fine with that. That’s respecting the situation versus feigning you’re doing someone a service by flinging seat cushion money at them. So the proud and the arrogant wave their little dollars like sharecroppers. If I’m going to sharecrop, I’ll grab a rake and not use my years of skills to indulge you in your notions of the historic beauty of the Mason-Dixon line.

I shoot for free when I want to do it. I don’t work for less because you want me to do it.

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