I got suckered into playing basketball a couple of weeks ago. I had retired almost 2 years ago – farewell tour and all. Week one, I couldn’t walk more than 3 millimeters an hour for 2 days afterwards. Doing some circuit training loosened me up a little. A week later, I played with only mild discomfort and afterwards though there is still a little swelling. I had intended on bike riding to strengthen the knees but that option was lost to me.wpid-20111014_134504.jpg

My son scolds me for playing basketball. He said something equivalent to my wheelchair better have good batteries because he’s not pushing. Mouthy little mofo! He gives me some good advice but it gave me an opportunity to explain building, pain suppression, and possession. I can’t help but watch a live bouncing basketball. It’s obscene. My vertical leap is almost negative now but I have to play. I can see angles and things developing that also translates when I’m in a different space.

Also, there is no sophistry. Most of my art skills have been abused by the advertising/entertainment industry. As a kid it was all about it feeling good: the intrinsic reward. That value has to be paramount or else I might as well do something far more mundane for money.

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