Podcasts are cool but, man, they can suck up a lot of time. Recently, I had a moment to get through some of the backlog which led me to William Friedkin’s interview on Meet the Filmmaker. He was very conversational and sprinkled his talk with the vernacular of the location (London). Two points that I appreciated the most was his casting process (he meets people and feels how they get along with him. No reading) and his shot count. As an older filmmaker, he’s only shooting one or 2 takes. This is because the spontaneity wears down after that and he’d rather have it more than 20 additional takes that might be technically superior but lesser in fluidity.

ImageOn Sep 16, 2011’s Dialogues from The Lab this one cat (Jack Hollingsworth, I believe) said in a discussion about social media that he’d argue that an average to slightly above-average photographer with excellent social media skills hands down does better “in this hyper connected world that we live” than a photographer with high creative/technical skills who is subpar in engaging with social media. Dialogues is good to listen to because I’ve read and heard all of the opinions before but it’s good refresher and it moves along quickly.

SpotCast has interviews with mostly commercial directors. Good insights. It’s been dormant for a few months now. Maybe dude is working a lot. I find the bulk of the information applicable across the breadth of creative services.

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