So behind…

I spent part of the day explaining to my son the old maxim and its variants “If the shot ain’t falling, change your shot.” Take it to the hole, etc. My rep for a long while was that I always finished my projects. For a variety of reasons, none of them good, that has slipped. I’m finding it difficult to finish anything.

I’d buy THAT for a dollar!

Concentrate on one thing turns to have many irons on the fire and back. Maybe eliminating the wall of cliché might help. 99% percent of my non-watch my boy grow up time is working to get work. Strangely enough it’s not a drag. It’s not always successful, frequently not, but the process has to somewhat invigorate you if the returns aren’t what you want. I mean, seriously, these are harrowing times for so many people. I’ve barely generated new work or sent it out. That is a drag. The production costs for my new ideas are presently beyond me.

Given that, I still have to produce. I frequently relay to my boy that I was raised by panthers. To a degree I really was but the joke is always that I’m talking big cats. Really, to my core, I was born in the blues and raised by funk. Blues is about taking twine and stringing it between a washtub and a broom stick because what you have in you has to come out. Funk is about taking the blues and dropping it on the one. Either way, it’s all getting it done and riding the groove.

Do I have to put my handcuffs on you, mama?

Trance, gnawa, javanese gamelan are turning, and rotating, revolving around a center. The centrifugal vibe generates energy and it emanates outward. The movement attracts. Attraction is opportunity. Knowing your craft and rocking from your core. Yeah, the end result in what I’m attempting to accomplish are frequently for commercial return but it is not that alone. I do this stuff as I always have. I want to do it. So, do it. Times are rough but I have to remember that funk is its own reward.

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